This is Cookie Run: Kingdom's second April Fool's exclusive event (Image via Cookie Run: Kingdom/YouTube)

Full guide for Romance Kingdom Event in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The Shroomie update from last year's April Fool's Day was a fun surprise that Cookie Run: Kingdom fans still reminisce about, and this year's event will take that concept to a whole new level. The new Romance Kingdom event will give players the ability to interact with humanized versions of certain Cookies and play within interactive storylines to gain massive rewards.

Read on to find out more about the new Cookie Run: Kingdom event, the fresh storylines, and the rewards associated with the same.


Romance Kingdom Event in Cookie Run: Kingdom -Everything you need to know

Five Cookies have been adapted into humanized versions, with their names and characteristics loosely personified in the style of early 2000s Japanese visual novels:

  • Rachel Raspberry (Raspberry Cookie)
  • Herbert Hoo (Herb Cookie)
  • Derek DaChoco (Dark Choco Cookie)
  • Serena Faire (Sea Fairy Cookie)
  • Lily White (White Lily Cookie)

The event's storylines are also parodies of similar 2000s Japanese novels, with players essentially participating in a dating simulator with each of these Cookies. They will romance any one character at a time, with each having their own likes and dislikes. Based on these, players will have to make choices regarding dialog and gifts.

Sweetness Overload Incoming!
This upcoming spring a sweet love story is coming to you

Blossoming romance and sweet school life await you in Kingdom High!

March 30, 2023

Blossoming Hearts is the currency of this Cookie Run: Kingdom event, and starting a new storyline or changing a dialog choice after a bad ending will cost users this resource. These are restored over time, and can be gifted to the player's love interests as well.

Each "Happy Ending" with a character will grant players a set reward of 300 Gems, while even "Bad Endings" with certain Cookies will also have some rewards on offer. They are listed below:

Lily White 1. Be Nice or Else

Dark Choco's Bad Endings with Rewards:

1. Bullies (30,000 Coins)2. Disappointment (5 PvP Tickets)3. Delicious Nonetheless (30 Topping Pieces)
Sea Fairy's Bad Endings with Rewards: 1. Locked Up Heart: 100 Rainbow Pearls
"Woah! I've transformed!"
#GingerBrave may have eaten something a little... sus
Hmm... how are we feeling about the transformation? 🤔

#CookieRun #CookieRunKingdom #AprilFoolsDay #AprilFools

After achieving a successful ending with a partner, players can gain further rewards by gifting their love interest to fill up the Affection meter. Items from the inventory, or as mentioned earlier, Blossoming Hearts, can be gifted to the characters. Each Cookie can be gifted up to 10 times a day.

The storyline kicks off with the player's character receiving a box of chocolates in their school locker. The interactions they have with the Cookies are based around the same.

Many Cookie Run: Kingdom fans drew parallels between the humanized versions of the Cookies with other popular anime characters.


One player also poked fun at the similarity between last year's Shroomie update, where the fanbase first got a peek at humanized versions of Cookies, and yesterday's update, which gave them the ability to interact with humanized versions of new Cookies.

@CRKingdomEN I'm starting to notice a pattern when it comes to April Fools time of year lol

Yesterday's update also brought with it the Triple Cone Cup event, a new Super Epic (Capsaicin), Epic Cookie (Prune Juice), and a Magic Candy for Mala Sauce Cookie. These made it one of the most packed updates to Cookie Run: Kingdom in a while.

Cookie Run: Kingdom fans can track this space to keep an eye out for all of the latest news.

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