A brief guide to Iridescence in Papers in Genshin Impact (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact Web event guide for Iridescence in Papers: Total primogem rewards

On January 28, Genshin Impact released a brand new web event called Iridescence in Papers. This is part of the Lantern Rite event currently ongoing within the game.

Hence, a brief guide to the web event, along with its rewards, has been listed in this article. Offering a simple challenge, the event provides exquisite rewards that players should not miss.

Web Event "Iridescence in Papers" Now Online: Take part to obtain Primogems and other in-game rewards!

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In just a week's time, Yelan and Hu Tao will be getting their respective banners. Therefore, free-to-play players would love to add a few more primogems to their collection before the banners drop.

Players will obtain a total of 120 primogems from Genshin Impact Iridescence in Papers event

Before proceeding with the guide, here are a few important details. Firstly, the total number of primogems that players can obtain from this event is 120.


Apart from that, they will need to open the event page for Iridescence in Papers and then log in to their Genshin Impact account. Once done, the must follow the steps mentioned below.

Step-by-Step guide to Iridescence in Papers

Step 1: After logging in, click on any one of the characters to open the screen provided below.

Click on any of the characters to open this page (Image via HoYoverse)

Step 2: Draw a line along the dots, as shown in the image below.

Draw a line along the dots as shown (Image via HoYoverse)


Step 3: Place the various shapes in their respective places.

Places the various shapes in the correct places (Image via HoYoverse)

Step 4: Finish the task and obtain the rewards.

Claim the rewards after finishing the tasks (Image via HoYoverse)

Once this is done, primogems and other associated rewards will be sent to the in-game e-mail. Players will obviously need to claim it for the rewards to reflect in their Genshin Impact accounts.

In any case, the event also offers two additional tasks. First, a few decorations will be unlocked once a task is completed. These essentials can be used to develop a stage, as shown in the image below:

Stage decorations from the event (Image via HoYoverse)

Secondly, players will need access to 50 papers to start a task. These papers can be obtained by logging into the game, completing daily commissions, and using fragile resins.

Therefore, the event does not require players to do anything extra. It is as simple as playing Genshin Impact normally, logging into the event page, and completing all the tasks.

Lastly, it is vital to mention that the event will last till February 7, 2023, which is the day when Yelan and Hu Tao's banners launch in Genshin Impact. Players must be above Adventure Rank 10 to participate in the event, although this can be achieved by simply playing the game for a few hours.

The event is definitely quite interesting as it accentuates the festivities of both the Lantern Rite and the Chinese New Year.

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