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  • Guide to playing toplane Fiora in League of Legends season 13: Item Builds, Rune Path, and more
Guide to Fiora in League of Legends season 13 (Image via Riot Games)

Guide to playing toplane Fiora in League of Legends season 13: Item Builds, Rune Path, and more

Fiora is a League of Legends champion who has a high skill ceiling but is extremely rewarding to use once players invest enough time to master her. She is pretty much a Duelist and is one of the best champions in a one-versus-one scenario.

This guide covers how players can efficiently use Fiora in League of Legends season 13. It is important to remember that this champion takes a lot of time to master. Even though this article covers the basics, players will need to keep using her despite bad results to learn how to employ her efficiently.


How to efficiently play Fiora in League of Legends season 13

Fiora is an extremely fun champion to use in League of Legends. However, she is difficult to master because of how unique her kit is.


Fiora has a unique passive that reveals a weak spot on the enemy whenever she is near them. This weak spot is denoted by a mark on the enemy that keeps revolving.

If Fiora manages to hit the weak spot, she will deal bonus damage and also get healed. However, the problem is that players will need to manage the wave while also trying to hit the weak spot. The direction in which the weak spot will appear is very random, which can make things somewhat difficult.

Fiora also has an ability called Riposte. This ability allows her to parry any enemy projectile and stun them.

Lastly, Fiora's Ultimate ability opens up all the weak spots of the enemy at once. If she manages to hit all of them, she will deal a lot of damage. However, if she kills the enemy, she will get healed for a certain amount.

All of these abilities sound fun, but executing them is incredibly difficult. It is very easy to miss the Riposte or die while trying to hit a weak spot. Hence, positioning and making the most out of opportunities is key to being a good Fiora.


Rune Path for Fiora in League of Legends

Fiora Rune Path (Image via Riot Games)

Primary Rune (Resolve): Grasp of the Undying, Demolish, Second Wind, Unflinching

Secondary Rune (Precision): Presence of Mind, Legend: Alacrity


Item Build for Fiora in League of Legends

The best item build for Fiora in League of Legends season 13 is as follows:

  • Ravenous Hydra
  • Divine Sunderer
  • Death's Dance
  • Spear of Shojin
  • Guardian Angel
  • Plated Steelcaps

Among the items mentioned above, Ravenous Hydra is probably the most important one for Fiora. It makes her laning phase easy while providing her with a massive power spike. Obviously, it needs to be followed up by Divine Sunderer and Death's Dance to further enhance the champion's damage output.

Ability Priority

During the laning phase, Fiora will rely a lot on dashing in and out of skirmishes while striking the enemy whenever possible. Apart from this, she will continuously use her E ability whenever possible to gain additional attack speed and critical hit.

Therefore, in terms of ability priority, players should max out her Q first, followed by her E, and then her W. The R ability needs to be leveled whenever it is available.

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