The clash between Jankos and Malrang will be one to watch for when KOI and Heretics clash against each other at LEC 2023 Winter Split (Image via Riot Games)

Heretics vs KOI League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split: head-to-head, livestream details, and more

The third match in week two at League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split is set to be a clash between Heretics and KOI. Although KOI is the favorite, Heretics have a lot of potential to cause an upset.

This matchup will also pitch between Jankos and Malrang, two of the best junglers in Europe. However, it is not just the fight of the junglers; the match will also have a lot at stake.

We finish our first week 1-2.

We'll come back stronger.


The battle for the top 8 is in full swing, and Heretics is already in a tough spot. Losing against KOI will make things very difficult later in the week. Heretics will face G2 and Fnatic.

Predictions of Heretics vs KOI at League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split

Heretics had a tough opening week at the League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split. The team had a hard-fought victory against Astralis but lost to SK Gaming and Team Vitality.


The loss against SK Gaming was probably the worst because it is the worst team in the league after Astralis. This is fairly telling about the current state of Heretics as a team.

Even though the roster has a lot of individual prowess, it will take time for them to work better as a unit. In a recent LEC EUphoria podcast, Jankos said that Heretics is improving its early game.

Moreover, Jackspektra is young, and Evi's first language is Japanese. This means that the team suffers from both a lack of experience and a language barrier.

On the other hand, KOI had two perfect games and one horrible game in the opening week. The roster looks good, but the team seems to suffer from a few issues that were not so prevalent last year.


Odoamne's departure has hurt KOI as the team lost an in-game leader. Szyegenda is an excellent mechanical player, but his mid-game macro and decision making is very poor in the current state.

The team lost Christopher Lee, their strategic coach, to Heretics in the off-season. This further affected the team, as during the mid and late games, KOI looked lost. This does not mean the team is terrible, as it will improve eventually.

A tough loss vs @FNATIC leaves us 2:1 in the #LEC
We are still very proud of our debut and will take a lot from this game to improve next week

#SomosKOI #KOIUnited

Unfortunately, as of now, KOI looks shaky, and that is something that other teams can exploit. However, there is very little chance that Heretics will be able to do it as that team has its own set of issues that need urgent attention. KOI should be able to close the game with ease.



In League of Legends LEC, KOI and Heretics have never faced each other.

Previous results

Previously, KOI played against Fnatic in the League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split and lost that game.

Heretics, on the other hand, played against SK Gaming and also ended up suffering a crushing defeat.

#LEC action continues on Saturday!

Your schedule for Week 2 of the Winter Split 🗓️

League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split rosters


  • Szygenda
  • Malrang
  • Larssen
  • Comp
  • Trymbi


  • Evi
  • Jankos
  • Ruby
  • Jackspektra
  • Mersa

Livestream details

Heretics vs KOI will be telecast live on the official Twitch channel of League of Legends LEC on January 28, 2023, at 8:00 pm CET/11:00 am PDT.

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