Fixing the UE4-Hibiki Game Error in Hi-Fi Rush (Image via Hi-Fi Rush)

Hi-Fi Rush UE4-Hibiki Game error: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

Hi-Fi Rush got a shadow release on the PC and Xbox Series X/S a couple of days ago, and the title has been gaining a significant amount of notoriety ever since. The rhythm action game introduces a unique combat system to the table with gorgeous art, world design, and glorious boss battles.

While many are enjoying everything that Hi-Fi Rush brings, few aren’t exactly having the best of times because of several performance issues they are encountering.

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One annoying bug many in the community face is the UE4 fatal error, which displays the following message: "The UE4-Hibiki Game has crashed and will close – Fatal Error!” Whenever it does occur, it force shuts the game and sends players back to their desktops.

It’s one of the more annoying bugs to deal with in the game, as there is no permanent solution to the problem apart from a few temporary workarounds. The following guide will review some steps to deal with the UE4 error in Hi-Fi Rush.

Fixing the UE4-Hibiki Game Error in Hi-Fi Rush


Players usually get the UE4-Hibiki Game Error in Hi-Fi Rush primarily when there are either a few corrupt game files that occur while installing the game or when their drivers are not up to date.

1) Scan and repair the files in the directory

Both the Steam Client and the Game Pass launcher have a feature that will scan and repair all the files in the installation directory. You have to choose the game, right-click on it, and then “scan and repair.”


This will start a process that automatically goes through all the files in the installation directory and repairs the broken ones.

2) Re-installing the game

Re-installing the game is another excellent way to fix the UE4-Hibiki error in Hi-Fi Rush. While it might seem a pretty drastic step, it solves most of the performance errors on PC.

Hence, you can use your Steam or Game Pass application to uninstall the game and then re-install it to try and fix the issue in the game.


3) Updating your drivers

Another reason why you may be facing the UE4-Hibiki error is due to outdated GPU drivers. Whether you are running an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card, you will need to go through their respective websites and update the drivers to the most recent version.

This will help solve most of the performance issues you may be facing around Unreal Engine 4.

4) Waiting for a patch

As the UE4-Hibiki error is quite popular amongst players on Steam, it’s very likely that Tango Gameworks is aware of the issue and will send out a hotfix soon to deal with the problem.

Until the update is live, you may consider employing the above steps to try and work around the error in Hi-Fi Rush.

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