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Silver Wolf as shown in her trailer (Image via HoYoverse)

Honkai Star Rail files download error: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

Despite the majorly successful release of Honkai Star Rail, some issues are ruining a player's experience on multiple platforms. While HoYoverse's new gacha title might provide a smooth experience to many, it still contains a lot of flaws. However, the fault in question isn't tied to the game's core mechanics but something completely different.

"Resource download failed" is a common error code that many players have encountered while updating Honkai Star Rail. This can appear on almost any platform, especially when there are certain factors left misplaced. Some of these factors can be either on the client's side or on the server side.


This article should help clear out the download error issue for you by stating some of the possible causes and fixes.

What are the reasons that can cause the "Resource Download Failed" error in Honkai Star Rail?

Resource download failed (Image via HoYoverse)

As mentioned earlier, the failure to update game files can be caused by both client and server sides. Either you can have interruptions on your internet connection during the download process, or the game's server can be offline.


Additionally, multiple reports also highlighted problems with platform storage. This means having an insufficient amount of storage size can cause this error. Lastly, any third-party firewall applications can also block game files from properly functioning.

Hence, before attempting a fix, it is important to check some of the basic practices mentioned above.

How to fix the "Resource Download Failed" error in Honkai Star Rail


To check any ongoing issue from the server side, HoYoverse's official social networking accounts can help. During downtimes, the company is usually quick to update its community regarding any maintenance. Hence, it is best to wait until the official servers are fixed alongside an official announcement.

Version 1.1 Update and Maintenance Notice

■ Update Time
Begins at 2023/06/07 06:00:00(UTC+8). The update will take approximately 5 hours.

■ Compensation Details
Server Maintenance Compensation
Compensation: Stellar Jade x300

Secondly, on the client side, the most basic fix to the issue is to check the active internet connection. Restarting your router and your game's client should be enough to restart the download of your game files.

As for storage space, the current version of Honkai Star Rail (1.1) takes up approximately 15 GB of space on a PC. Hence, remove any unnecessary files before restarting the download.

Lastly, clearing the game's cache/repairing its files can also do the trick.

For Android, head to the Apps section by opening the Settings tab and look for Honkai Star Rail. Simply tap on the application and select "Clear Cache."

For PC, open your game client and look for three small lines located beside the main "Play/Update/Get Game" button. Select the "Clear Downloaded Resources" option followed by the "Confirm" button.

Clearing cache on the PC client (Image via Honkai Star Rail)

If the problem persists even after following the aforementioned methods, it is best to contact HoYoverse's support. Additional details can be found on their website via this link.

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