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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition gets an official announcement and release date. (Image via PlayStation)

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition release date, price, platforms and more explored

Horizon Forbidden West is finally getting its Complete Edition treatment with a new re-release of the game on PlayStation 5. Titled Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, the bundle will include everything from the base game to the recently released DLC, coupled with the extra in-game goodies that came packed with the Deluxe Edition.

The existence of the Complete Edition was recently leaked by a Japanese retailer - Neowing, following which, PlayStation officially unveiled the game with its own dedicated trailer. Surprisingly, the official announcement trailer, the Complete Edition, also reveals the release window for the PC version of the game.


Here's everything you need to know about Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, including the official release date, prices, platforms, and more.

When is Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition releasing for PlayStation 5?


Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is scheduled to be released on October 6, 2023, for PlayStation 5, exclusively. Although the base game was released on the previous-generation PlayStation console (PS4), the Complete Edition is coming only to PlayStation, which is understandable considering the bundle comes packed with PS5 exclusive Burning Shores DLC.


The Complete Edition is priced at $59.99 on PlayStation 5. Here's a breakdown of everything that is included with the Complete Edition:

  • Base game
  • Burning Shores DLC
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Digital art book
  • The Sunhawk digital comic book

There are also the following in-game items that come bundled with the Complete Edition:

  • Carja Behemoth Elite outfit
  • Carja Behemoth Short Bow
  • Nora Thunder Elite outfit
  • Nora Thunder Sling
  • Apex Clawstrider Machine Strike piece
  • Resources pack

These items will be available to players after completing the game's rather lengthy prologue, and can also be upgraded. Lastly, Guerrilla Games and PlayStation also confirmed the sequel's PC port, with an early 2024 release window. The PC version of the game is being helmed by Nixxes Software, who are best known for their Marvel's Spider-Man PC ports.

Horizon Forbidden West came out back in February 12, 2022. However, the game was initially overlooked by most players, due to its release coinciding with FromSoftware's open-world behemoth - Elden Ring. Fortunately, the game did eventually gain its footing, becoming one of the best-selling PlayStation 5 titles of 2022.

And with the recent release of the Burning Shores DLC, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn has made its way to becoming one of, if not the best-looking PlayStation exclusives to date. It remains to be seen how much further Guerrilla Games and Nixxes can push the game's visuals with the upcoming PC release.

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