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How can players change the language in Street Fighter 6? (Image via Capcom)

How to change Audio and Subtitle language in Street Fighter 6

The latest and greatest from Capcom, Street Fighter 6, is the sixth mainline entry in the long-running Street Fighter franchise. The game boasts unique improvements across both gameplay and accessibility sections, making it the best Street Fighter to date. One of the several options players expect to have in a modern AAA title is to change languages out of the box, and thankfully, Street Fighter 6 does not disappoint in this regard.


Players can change Audio and Subtitle language settings via main menu of Street Fighter 6

Changing the subtitle and voice-over languages (Image via Capcom)

As expected from a modern AAA title in 2023, Street Fighter 6 has a host of languages to choose from in-game. The language selection is not a seamless process, however, requiring players to load back into the title screen to proceed further. They can choose between English and Japanese voice-overs within the game, with a hidden option to change the Subtitle language, at least at first glance.


To swap between the voice-over languages, refer to the following steps:

  1. Boot up the game if you have not already.
  2. Wait for the game to load.
  3. Once within the mode selection screen, press Tab (PC) to open the Multi Menu.
  4. Select the Options section of the Multi Menu.
  5. Navigate to the Language section of the menu using the Q and E buttons (PC).
  6. Select the Voice Settings submenu.
  7. Confirm the voice-over language you wish to select, and press the Yes button.
  8. Players will be booted back to the title screen upon leaving the Settings menu.
  9. The voice-over language will have changed to your desired choice.

As of writing this article, players can only choose to toggle the Subtitles on or off via the Display menu of the Settings page under the Basic Display Settings subsection. Changing the Display Language will, however, trigger a change in the subtitle language accordingly.

What languages does Street Fighter 6 support?

All of the supported languages (Image via Capcom)

There are a total of 13 officially supported languages within the game, with voice-over support available for only English and Japanese. Players can choose to change their Display Language via the Settings menu (under the Language tab) with the following options:

  • English (subtitles and voice-over)
  • Japanese (subtitles and voice-over)
  • French (subtitles only)
  • Italian (subtitles only)
  • German (subtitles only)
  • Spanish -Spain (subtitles only)
  • Arabic (subtitles only)
  • Portuguese - Brazil (subtitles only)
  • Polish (subtitles only)
  • Russian (subtitles only)
  • Simplified Chinese (subtitles only)
  • Traditional Chinese (subtitles only)
  • Korean (subtitles only)

Street Fighter 6 was released worldwide on June 1, 2023, for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. A PC port was also released simultaneously worldwide.

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