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A complete guide to In the Withering Wintry Night mission in Honkai Star Rail (Image via HoYoverse)

How to complete the In the Withering Wintry Night mission in Honkai Star Rail?

"In the Withering Wintry Night" is arguably the most extended mission in Honkai Star Rail. It kicks off from the Astral Express, exploring numerous relevant plotlines of Jarilo VI throughout its run-time. As a part of the main quest, it introduces significant character interaction and dives deep into some of its backstories to completely immerse its fans.

Furthermore, the mission drops significant experience points, so players can easily climb up their Trailblaze Level by completing the entire walkthrough. This article will guide you through every single subquest of the "In the Withering Wintry Night" mission in Honkai Star Rail.


Honkai Star Rail's In the Withering Wintry Night mission commences after speaking to Himeko in the Astral Express

The entire "In the Withering Wintry Night" mission takes place in Belobog (Image via HoYoverse)

The mission above in Honkai Star Rail contains over 13 subquests which are expanded in the following section for the reader's convenience.


A Grand Cool Adventure

Team up with Dan Heng and March 7th to investigate the effects of Stellaron on Jarillo VI, which has been trapped in Eternal Freeze for over 700 years. The mission ends with the squad stepping on the frozen planet.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x200, Travel Encounters x8, and Credit x6000


Travelers on Winter Night


Reach the objective location to meet Sampo hiding under a heap of snow, followed by Gepard Landau, the captain of the Silveramne Guards.

Prepare for a short battle during the encounter, after which you will be taken to Belobog, the City of Preservation in Honkai Star Rail. The mission will end after a short cutscene showing how the Eternal Freeze appeared in the first place.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x600, Stellar Jade x80, Adventure Log x3, and Condensed Aether x1

Everwinter Night


Gepard will escort you to Cocolia, the current Supreme Guardian, residing in the Qlipoth Fort in Honkai Star Rail. Go through her interrogative session and come outside to visit Neverwinter Workshop, Everwinter Monument, and the surrounding area before heading to the Goethe Hotel to rest for the night.

The next day, you will wake up to trouble when Bronya shows up with her Guards to capture you under Cocolia's order. However, your team will narrowly escape them by lunging into a Fragmentum portal.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x600, Adventure Log x3, Condensed Aether x1, Credits x6000.

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide


You will encounter several small groups of enemies while searching for a way out of the Fragmentum. Hence, keep a team ready for combat and avoid agitating the elite monsters as they are set to a higher level compared to your characters.

Moreover, open every gate on your path and follow the marker which leads you to another portal, only to get ambushed by Bronya and her guards. After the encounter, she will initiate a combat phase where her shields will be vulnerable to Physical, Fire, and Imaginary elements. Thus, carrying Asta and Physical Trailblazer for this quest in Honkai Star Rail is advisable.

Once she is defeated, Sampo will crash the arena to abduct you to the Underworld of Belobog, where you will come across Natasha.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x600, Stellar Jade x80, Adventure Log x6, Condensed Aether x3, Trick Snack x10, Simple First-Aid Device x10



After interacting with Natasha, she comes outside to find March 7th talking to Hook and her friends. The trio will challenge you to a couple of hide-and-seek rounds where finding them should not be difficult in the limited area, except for Julian, who transforms into a suspicious adult with glasses, standing on the opposite side of the Great Mine's entrance. After finding all of them, Hook will take you to the Fight Club, where she spotted Dan Heng.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x300, Adventure Log x3, and Credit x4000

The Eighth and Final Rule


A cutscene will roll out when you step into the Honkai Sat Rail's Fight Club, where Dan Heng is in an arena, ready to engage against one of the contestants. Complete the match, and head outside to meet Sampo to proceed to the next quest.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x300, Condensed Aether x1, and Credit x4000

Long Wait for the Blade's Edge


While completing Sampo's task to search for Joshua, you will come across Bronya surrounded by a group of vagrants that try to harm her. Luckily, Seele steps in to save her concluding the subquest in Honkai Star Rail.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x300, Condensed Aether x1, Credit x4000

Once Fallen Into the Abyss


Together with Seele and Bronya, you will enter the Great Mine to help resolve the conflict between the miners and vagrants along the way. Proceed more profoundly into the area to reach the objective marker and defeat every enemy on the path.

Repair the broken minecart blocking the path to continue the search for Oleg. Soon, you will encounter Svarog, the leader of the vagrant army in Honkai Star Rail. Upon defeating his goons, Oleg will appear, commending you for fending off the robots.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x600, Stellar Jade x80, Adventure Log x6, Condensed Aether x3, Enigmatic Ectostella x2, Faded Sun x1

A Sunset Rendezvous


Head to the Goethe Grand Hotel in Boulder Town to spend the night. The next day Bronya will escort you to Seele and Natasha while they plan to visit the potentially dangerous Rivet Town to collect some valuable resources. Your character will agree to help them in their adventure, concluding A Sunset Rendezvous quest in Honkai Star Rail.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x60, Adventure Log x3, Condensed Aether x1, and Credit x8000

The Past Will Return as an Avalanche


After observing Rivet Town, you must fight to the market square in search of supplies, only to find empty containers. Hence, it would help if you headed deeper into the area toward the objective marker. Surprisingly, a young boy named Eric appears, claiming he hid the resources to protect them from the enemies.

Now, visit the orphanage for supplies and learn about Bronya's backstory in Honkai Star Rail, followed by the encounter with Clara. After a brief conversation with her, collect the remaining materials.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x700, Stellar Jade x80, Adventure Log x6, Condensed Aether x3, and Ghost From the Past

Lying in Rust


Hand over the supplies to Natasha and meet Oleg, who plans to confront Svarog with your help. He hopes to settle the conflict peacefully, keeping an offensive counterplan up his sleeves.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x200, Adventure Log x5, and Credit x8000

To Rot or to Burn


With Sampo's lead, you will reach Svarog's Mansion in Honkai Star Rail, locked behind a large metal gate, which can only be accessed by collecting certification levels from some of the specific robots in the area. Refer to the link to answer their question correctly to avoid unnecessary combat.

Now, find Clara at the orphanage to get beyond the second gate. Additionally, equip an Ice or a Physical character beforehand to take down the Blaze Out of Space that sneaks up on her. To return the favor, she runs back to Svarog's layer.

Defeat Svarog to access his memory (Image via HoYoverse)

Help her fix a vital power supply before confronting Svarog, who will engage in combat after a brief conversation. Keep a note that he is weak against Fire, Lightning, and Wind, so make sure to prepare your team accordingly. On defeat, he decrypts videos from his cache revealing his encounter with younger Cocolia, who banished him from the Overworld. Finally, talk to Natahsa to end this quest in Honkai Star Rail.

Rewards: The Seriousness of Breakfast Light Cone, Trailblaze EXP x1000, Stellar Jade x80, Shadow of Destruction x1, Adventure Log x10, and Condensed Aether x5

Not Good With Farewells


Lastly, head to Boulder Town and summarize everything with Dan Heng and March 7th. Head back to the Goethe Grand Hotel and review them before bed.

With a few more cutscenes, the quest will wrap up the chapters from the "In the Withering Wintry Night" mission in Honkai Star Rail.

Rewards: Trailblaze EXP x300, Condensed Aether x3, and Credit x8000

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