Some players might want to know how to counter her (Image via Capcom)

How to easily counter Marisa in Street Fighter 6

Marisa is a noob killer in Street Fighter 6. Naturally, that means many players will struggle to defeat this formidable foe. Her low-skill floor and potent moveset only accentuate one's frustration with this character. Thankfully, countering her isn't too bad. Players must accept that she has a ton of super armor in her kit, allowing her to easily shrug off attacks while performing certain moves.

While she can easily overpower most attacks coming her way, she's not invincible to everything or unbeatable in the slightest. Defeating Marisa in Street Fighter 6 will require you to be skilled in evaluating her weaknesses to exploit them in battle and ensuring that she cannot capitalize on her strengths, either.


Keep your distance and use good positioning to counter Marisa in Street Fighter 6

She has some flaws that are exploitable (Image via Capcom)

These are Marisa's weaknesses in Street Fighter 6, so take advantage of the following:

  • Slow moves: While she's strong and can shrug off plenty of attacks, her frame data is rather sluggish. That means characters who can easily perform several quick attacks can rapidly deplete her health over the course of a battle. Skilled gamers can also more easily Parry her maneuvers.
  • Weak at long ranges: She doesn't have a projectile, and her slow moves make for easy punishment by characters with good long-range attacks. If you main somebody like Dhalsim, try to keep her at a distance and don't get close.
  • Vulnerable to low attacks: This character's armor is fantastic, but it focuses on the upper half of her body. Characters who can spam low attacks will be annoying for her.

Don't rely on blocks to stop her. Street Fighter 6 gamers must use good positioning and cross-ups to get several free hits on her. Note that it's also possible for Capcom to nerf some of her moves in future patches, making her easier to defeat for beginners.

Tip: Play as Marisa

This is a bit technical for newcomers, but something more experienced players might appreciate (Image via Capcom)

This might seem odd to some gamers, but one of the best ways to learn a character's flaw is to play as them. Go to Street Fighter 6's Training Mode and pick Marisa. It's recommended that you pause after starting a session and then go to Screen Display Settings. Turn on some useful settings such as:

  • Frame Meter
  • Action Timing Display
  • Cancel Timing Display

Try to study this character's relevant frame data here. Afterward, check out her Character Guide to learn more about fundamentals, moves, etc. Once you feel confident with Marisa, play as her against other players (or CPUs if you're offline and don't have anybody around).

Once you understand her strengths, you should be able to avoid them the next time you fight her

Competing as this character for several games and seeing how other skilled players punish you for mistakes should give you an idea of how to counter her. If you're still losing often, continue to practice against good Marisa players. As long as you're not getting completely stomped, you'll eventually be able to predict your opponent's game plan and determine how to counter her best attacks.

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