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Payday 3 Spectrophotometer in Under the Surphaze heist (Image via Payday 3)

How to find Spectrophotometer in Payday 3's Under the Surphaze heist?

Payday 3 was released with a limited list of missions for the player base but featured some of the most challenging heists, like Under the Surphaze. This mission can be completed with varying strategies, including full offense and stealth routes. It is a unique heist as the loot is not cold, hard cash but valuable art pieces being showcased in an exhibition event.

Under the Surphaze might seem like an unusual name, but it is a direct reference to the Surphaze building complex where the heist takes place. The team will be tasked with gaining access to the building and stealing some of the most priceless pieces directly from its exhibition cases. All the areas inside are heavily guarded, with cameras installed on almost every possible corner.


This article will highlight the location of the Spectrophotometer in Payday 3’s Under the Surphaze mission.

Importance of finding the Spectrophotometer in Payday 3's Under the Surphaze mission


Here is a quick guide for you to get your hands on the Spectrophotometer device for Under the Surphaze.

  • You will need to go up to the first floor for this task.
  • Once you find the Server room in one of the corridors, lockpick the door to gain access inside the area.
  • You will find a Spectrophotometer placed at the back of the secure room near the wall, standing on a tripod. It is easy to spot and will show a label on your screen when you go near and point at it.
  • This device can be picked up like a bag of loot and carried over to the required place.

It is important to note that the Spectrophotometer is a crucial device for the final phase of the mission, which requires the team to steal the real Uma Ladette painting. The painting can be easily spotted as it features a visual trick of a multicolored room.

Where to use Spectrophotometer in Payday 3’s Under the Surphaze?


The Spectrophotometer device needs to be used to verify the authenticity of the Uma Ladette painting. Here is how you can use it to get the real painting.

  • Once the device is acquired, place it in front of the painting.
  • Cut open the glass and let the device run its scans. You will see a tiny screen on the device that displays if the painting is authentic.
  • If not, you will have to go to the other identical piece and repeat this process with the device.
  • Once the authentication is confirmed, you will need to insert a USB drive. It can be found inside the secret safe of the Manager’s Office upstairs.

Once you steal the original Uma Ladette painting, the final objective of the heist is checked off from the screen. The team will now be prompted to make their way to the escape van location and wait in the designated area till the countdown is over.

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