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How to get 20 hours of FC 24 trial for free

As EA FC 24 fans eagerly await the release of each new edition of the game, there's always a buzz surrounding the opportunity to get an early taste of it through trials. One such offering is the EA FC 24 trial, which grants players an invaluable chance to explore the game's features, play matches, trade players, and even purchase FC Points.

What makes this even more enticing is that players can extend their trial to 10 hours, giving them a substantial head start over others. In this article, we'll delve into the console-exclusive method for obtaining not just 10 but 20 hours of the title's trial for free, according to content specialist FIFAUteam.


Guide to get 20 hours of FC 24 trial for free

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Before we dive into the details of extending the trial, let's understand what the FC 24 trial is all about. This trial allows players to experience everything they would in the full game, mirroring the final release.

You can engage in matches, manage your ultimate team, and even purchase FC Points, giving you a significant advantage over those who don't have early access. Moreover, you can even transfer FC Points from the previous edition of the game, providing even more flexibility.


By default, the game trial is limited to 10 hours on each console. This restriction is in place to ensure fair access for all players and to give everyone a chance to explore the game before its official release.

However, there's a well-known glitch that can extend your trial to a whopping 20 hours, and it doesn't require any pre-orders or special conditions. The only prerequisite is that you need access to a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S, as this is not available on PC or Nintendo Switch.

How to get the FC 24 Trial to 20 Hours

  1. Download the game trial on your current-gen console: To begin, download the game trial on your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. You can typically find the trial version on your console's respective online store.
  2. Access the Library on your current-gen console: After successfully downloading the title's trial on your console, navigate to the Library section. This is where you can manage and view all your downloaded games and applications.
  3. Select 'FC 24' and download the current-gen version: Inside your Library, locate the game trial and initiate the download of the current-gen version. This action effectively extends your trial to a total of 10+10 hours of gameplay.
  4. Manage trial duration: Enjoy your extended trial, and once you no longer need it or have exhausted 20 hours of gameplay, simply uninstall the current-gen version of the the title trial from your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. If you wish, you can also cancel your EA Play subscription at this point to avoid any unexpected charges.

By taking advantage of this console-exclusive method, you can get 20 hours of EA FC 24 trial for free, giving you a significant edge over your competition. Remember to follow the steps outlined above to maximize your EA FC 24 experience and make the most of your early access to this highly anticipated game.

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