Here is how to get more Raid Medals in Clash of clans (Image via Youtube/R S Clash)

How to get Raid Medals in Clash of Clans easily

Supercell keeps incorporating numerous small updates, like Raid Medals in Clash of Clans, that make it hard for the community to keep track. Among the four rewards you can grab from the Clan Capital, these medals help you get reinforcements in your Clan Castle. Therefore, the community always looks for ways to grab more of these medals.

This article brings all the official website-approved ways to get the Raid Medals in Clash of Clans. Read on for a complete guide on getting and using these medals.


Guide to grabbing more Raid Medals in Clash of Clans

Here is how to grab all the Raid Medals in COC (Image via Supercell)

Raid Weekends offer plenty of different ways to get these lucrative Raid Medals in Clash of Clans. Clanmates collectively attack opponent Clan Capitals every weekend for Capital Gold and other exciting loots. Here's how to gain Raid Medals in Clash of Clans:

  • Destroying a District of enemy Clan Capital rewards Raid Medals to every participating member of the Raid Weekend.
  • Successfully resolving the enemy Clan Capital Districts to ruins will also gift winning members Raid Medals.
  • You can rely on the District Defenses that destroy attacking troops for extra Raid Medals.

These are all the ways to gain Raid Medals in Clash of Clans, according to the official website.

How are Raid Medals calculated?

Destroying each enemy district offers a certain number of Raid Medals. It depends on the central buildings of the village. You can calculate the earnings per attack by dividing the total amount of medals awarded by the number of attacks used to destroy the village.


Note that these Raid Medals are distributed equally, meaning all the participating members will get the same number of Raid Medals. This will be reflected in your Clan Capital after every Raid Weekend.

How to get more raid attacks in COC?

Get items in exchange for Raid Medals in COC (Image via Supercell)

Since staging raids during Raid Weekends is the only way to grab more Raid Medals, players often feel limited.

They can only raid five times between Friday and Sunday. However, you can get an extra attack by becoming the player to grab three stars from an enemy district.

It is worth noting that you can use all the troops and spells your clanmates have already unlocked in the Clan Capital, irrespective of your level. So, plan a perfect troop composition for your attacks and grab better loot.

Raid Medals can help you purchase Magic Items and resources from the Trader. It also helps you reinforce your Clan Castle with troops.

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