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Rainbow Is Magic is currently live in Rainbow Six Siege (Image via Ubisoft)

How to get Rainbow Is Magic packs in Rainbow Six Siege (2023)

Rainbow Is Magic, the limited-time event in Rainbow Six Siege, is back and currently live. One of the most exciting parts of the event is the return of Rainbow Is Magic packs, which include a variety of skins for Operators, weapons, and portraits that are only available for a limited time.

The event has been updated to require both teams to protect their own hostage while attempting to damage the opponent's hostage in a Team Deathmatch Operation Commanding Force. The Presidential Plane map has been redesigned with a beautiful theme and has been renamed Air Cute One.


This article will guide players through the process of obtaining Rainbow Is Magic packs in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Is Magic packs contains a variety of skins for both Operators and weapons in Rainbow Six Siege

The Rainbow Is Magic event currently contains 49 items, and Rainbow Six Siege is offering its players a free pack when they hop into the game. The rest of the items can be collected by playing the game during the event or by paying for them.


Free method

Missions under the Challenges tab in Rainbow Six Siege (Image via Ubisoft)

Players can obtain a few Rainbow Is Magic packs by completing weekly missions assigned to them. Completing these missions will grant them one pack each week and provide XP to boost their Battle Pass progression.

To view the weekly missions, players should navigate to the Battle Pass section on the main menu and hover over to the Challenges tab. The missions are listed under the Events section.


Paid method

Alternatively, players can opt to purchase packs using Renowns or R6 Credits. This will help them own a few more items or complete the entire collection as it is impossible to get every pack using the free method. This method is also useful for those wanting to opt out of the grinding process.

Similar to every other limited-time event, each pack will cost 12,500 Renowns or 300 R6 Credits to purchase and will feature no duplicates. Players can even buy the rest of the collection after completing the missions, which will cost them around 562,500 Renowns or 13,500 R6 Credits for approximately 45 packs.


The exclusive bundle for each Operator can also be purchased for 1800 R6 Credits each, which contains a headgear, uniform, two weapon skins, a portrait, and a charm. The Magical Horizons Bundle is also sold separately, and features a universal weapon, attachment, and drone skin.

The Rainbow Is Magic event has already begun and can be played from March 29 to April 19 in Rainbow Six Siege.

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