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How to get S rank in Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is a surprisingly unique and innovative take from "The Evil Within" developer Tango Gameworks. The new cel-shaded action game combines hack & slash combat with rhythm game elements. As such, players require a degree of finesse and skill to execute flashy combos.

Completionists, in particular, will find themselves occupied with achieving the best rank attainable in Hi-Fi Rush: the S rank. This guide details how players should adjust their playstyle to make getting that elusive S rank easier.


Players will need to strike a balance between efficiency and style to get an S rank in Hi-Fi Rush

Each combat encounter in this brand-new Bethesda-published action game is called "Chorus." To obtain an S rank, three criteria must first be met:

  • Score: As with other games in the genre, such as Bayonetta, players will get scores depending on the moves and combos used. With each Chorus having a base Score threshold to surpass in the efforts of getting the S rank, players must deal as much damage and perform as many moves as they can - so mastery of the combat is needed.
  • Beat: Also called "Just Timing," this category assesses how accurately players battle to the beat. Everything from hits to dodges must be on point or at least mostly accurate. A minimum of 85% accuracy is needed to get an S rank. Players will know they're one with the beat thanks to cues such as musical beats from the robot cat 808 and cheering in the background.
  • Time: This should be the most straightforward criteria. In a nutshell, quicker runtimes guarantee higher rank scores. However, considering the other two factors, players must execute flashy combos that are on beat while ensuring the best way to wrap up battles quickly.

To wrap it up, players must have an S rank in any two of these categories on top of at least an A rank in the reining one to be eligible for an overall S rank for the Chorus. While that covers the basics, Hi-Fi Rush's battles have more depth.

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Here are some additional scenarios that S rank-aspiring players should take a look at:

  • Difficulty: There are a few modes to select from in Hi-Fi Rush, but these can affect how battles turn out. For instance, while easier modes allow beating enemies faster, this has the side effect of reducing the opportunities for chaining combos. Thus, players must develop options to maximize the scoring potential from relatively fragile foes. On the other hand, harder modes will have tankier enemies, which are great as punching bags or trying out new moves. However, they may prove overwhelming, especially since players must stay on the beat longer.
  • Bonuses: As mentioned before, diversifying your moveset in battle is key. One such benefit of that is bonuses to the score. These can be triggered via movesets like mid-air attacks or grappling up to enemies - Hi-Fi Rush is all about being in the flow, after all. Chining together bonuses can boost the score by up to a 10x multiplier.
  • Keep the combo going: The Rhythm Meter gauges the player's performance during each Chorus in Hi-Fi Rush. Staying on the beat, changing combos, and racking up higher and higher scores is what everyone should aim for - do note that repeating combos can incur penalties, including reducing score gain impact. This will result in players only obtaining 70% of the total score. Players may also want to throw in partner attacks to ensure the action does not come to a halt or parry/dodge at the right time to keep foes from knocking them offbeat.

Hi-Fi Rush is available on PC and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

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