Thge Dead Space remake features a range of challenging boss fights (Image via EA/Motive Studio)

How to kill the Leviathan in Dead Space remake

The Dead Space remake, much like the version from 2008 it's based on, features some incredibly challenging boss encounters bound to offer a thrilling and immersive experience. The original Dead Space title is easily one of the most iconic and influential games in the survival-horror genre. This is because the title paved the way for the future of sci-fi offerings and horror games in general.


The Dead Space remake features some key differences compared to the 2008 title. However, for the most part, its story, enemies, and boss encounters have been left untouched. Among the many grotesque creatures that players will come across in the remake is the Leviathan, a gigantic Necromorph boss, at the end of Chapter six. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to easily defeat this entity in the Dead Space remake.

Preparation before attempting to defeat the Leviathan boss in Dead Space remake

Given that you will encounter the Leviathan fairly early in the Dead Space remake, there won't be much preparation to do before attempting the boss fight. Additionally, the area where you will eventually face the gigantic undead creature is filled with healing items and spare ammunition.


In fact, this place has enough spare resources that even if you enter the boss fight with little to no material, you'll still be able to survive and even get the victory against the Leviathan. However, there are still a few things that you can come prepared with if you don't want to waste time scavenging resources while fighting the entity in the Dead Space remake.

Before going to the boss, if you want to refill your inventory, you can do so at the shop back in Hydroponics Central Hub. The best weapons to use against the Leviathan are the Cannon Beam and Plasma Cutter.

The former is objectively the best weapon you can employ to take out the Leviathan. Also, the Flamethrower can be used if you run out of Cannon Beam or Plasma Cutter ammunition. It should be noted that unlike most Necromorph fights up to this point in the title, Stasis won't help you much against the Leviathan. Thus, your firearms and Kinesis are what's going to do much of the heavy lifting here.


How to defeat the Leviathan in Dead Space remake

Much like most major boss fights in the game, the Leviathan has three phases, each with its own unique attacks and openings for you to deal damage. The first phase is fairly straightforward; however, in two and three, the entity introduces some additional attacks that will require you to make use of Kinesis, which can get a bit tricky.

Phase 1

  • For the first phase, the Leviathan will mostly use its tentacles to attack, which you can easily avoid by strafing opposite the tentacles.
  • To deal damage, you will need to target the big yellow (gross-looking) pustules on the tentacles and around the creature's mouth.
  • You can also inflict damage using Kinesis to throw the flame canisters at the boss' weak points. However, being accurate can be hard here; thus, the best weapon to deal damage in this phase is either the Plasma Cutter or the Cannon Beam.

Phase 2

  • Once you take out the tentacles, the Leviathan will start chucking poison boulders out of its mouth.
  • You will need to use Kinesis here and redirect the boulders back at the Leviathan to deal damage to the creature.
  • Alternatively, you can also throw flame canisters lying around, if you fail to catch the poison boulders.

Phase 3

  • After receiving some damage, the Leviathan will get a lot grumpier and will regenerate its tentacles. It will then cover the area in a poisonous cloud, dealing passive damage to you.
  • While your first thought might be to dispatch the tentacles first, it is best to go for the mouth and deal damage to the boss using your firearms as well as Kinesis. This is because you won't have enough time to take out the three tentacles, as well as the creature's mouth, due to the poison.
  • You will also need to be aware of your surrounding and will need to constantly keep moving to avoid taking damage from the tentacles as well as flying debris.
  • The final phase is all about concentrating fire on the creature's mouth until it finally dies.

The Leviathan in Dead Space remake isn't an easy boss fight; however, with proper planning, staying aware of your surroundings — especially during the second and third phases of the fight — and knowing when and where to use Kinesis, you can easily defeat the entity.

From the tense atmosphere of USG Ishimura to the mind-bending story — as well as the visceral and grotesque creature design — 2008's Dead Space excelled at delivering a bone-chilling horror experience. With this new remake, developer Motive Studio has brought the classic survival-horror experience and the mind-bending story of Isaac Clarke to a modern audience with a complete graphical and gameplay overhaul.

Dead Space remake came out on January 27, 2023, and is available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

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