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Follow the guide to level up faster in Monster Hunter Now (Image via Niantic)

How to level up fast and reach a higher Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter Now

Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter Now (MH Now) keeps track of your progress in Niantic’s latest monster-hunting title. It lets other players know how far you have traveled in the game and helps you unlock future content and earn rewards. By leveling up and reaching the higher ranks faster, you can unlock more challenging Hunts and gain crucial in-game rewards.

This guide talks about different ways to earn more Hunter Rank Points to level up faster in the title.


A guide to increasing Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter Now


Leveling up your Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter Now is an extremely straightforward process. There are 22 Hunter Ranks in the game. You will need to obtain Hunter Rank Points (HRP) to reach the higher ranks.

Here is how to do that:


Complete Quests

Complete quests to reach higher ranks faster (Image via Niantic)

The game offers a tutorial for new players, which will teach you how to play the game, i.e., how to slay monsters, how to dodge, how Paintballs work, and more. You can complete quests and earn many rewards and HRP in the process.

These quests involve slaying a certain type of monster, meeting specific requirements, and harvesting materials. Complete them to level up faster in the game.


Completing Special Quests

Complete special quests to level up (Image via Niantic)

The game also offers several Special Quests that will help you earn plenty of HRP. However, these quests will not unlock until you reach Hunter Rank 10. It requires players to gather items, hunt specific monsters, and slay them with different weapons.

Once you reach the required Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter Now, the Special Quests will function as daily tasks.

Hunting Monsters

Slay monsters to level up faster (Image via Niantic)

Hunting Monsters can also help you earn HRP to increase your Hunter Rank faster. However, you will not farm a lot of HRP by slaying them. Even though leveling up only by hunting monsters is possible, it might take a while to do so.

It is worth noting that hunting only a specific type of monster like Barroth, Jagras, or Kulu-Yaku can help you earn HRP.

You can experience real-world monster hunting with Niantic's latest title from the monsterverse. Check out our other guide for some Monster Hunter Now referral codes that can help you earn more rewards.


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