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Popular streamer Jschlatt's details explored (Image via Sportskeeda)

How old is Jschlatt? Twitch streamer and YouTuber's age, personal details, online career, and more explored

Johnathan Schlatt, also known as "Jschlatt" or "jschlattLIVE" is currently one of the most adored and widely followed Twitch streamers and content creators in the United States. Born on September 10, 1999, the streamer is presently 24 years old.

He owns a sizable channel known as "Schlatt," boasting an impressive 2 million followers. Additionally, he manages a secondary channel called "Big Guy," which, while smaller in comparison, still commands a substantial audience of over 529K followers.


Nevertheless, the streamer has recently been less active in terms of live streaming. He has not maintained a consistent schedule and has been absent from his Twitch account for several months.

Twitch streamer Jschlatt details revealed


The streamer, who is currently 24 years old, was born in New York City and impressively stands at a towering height of 6'3". While not much information is available about his family background, Jschlatt has disclosed some aspects of his life. During his middle and high school years, he pursued a passion for playing the cello.

After completing high school, he enrolled in college to pursue a course of study in computer science and cybersecurity. However, in 2019, he decided to drop out of college and embark on his content creation path on a full-time basis.


Even before his college departure, Jonathan had already made a significant mark in the world of YouTube. He maintained an older YouTube channel called "JSchaltt," although he discontinued using it in 2019. His initial big breakthrough occurred when he uploaded a YouTube video titled "elon r u ok," which has since amassed an impressive 27 million views.

Currently, the streamer maintains sporadic activity on his primary YouTube channel, "jschlattLIVE," which boasts just over 4.08 million subscribers. In addition, he operates a secondary YouTube channel named "DID SCHLATT WIN?" which has garnered a following of over 383K subscribers.

Recently (September 9, 2023), he posted a video explaining that he intends to shift his focus to different types of content. This decision comes as a response to his frequent uploads of TikTok reaction videos, which he believes may have become excessive.


It's worth noting that the streamer is a seasoned Minecraft YouTuber and has been a part of the SMPLive community for an extended period of time. He also shares some of his Minecraft content, although not all of it, on his alternate YouTube channel named "Schlagg."


Is Jschaltt still with OTK?

Jonathan is no longer a part of the Texas-based content creation group known as One True King (OTK). He was once a prominent member of the group and played a starring role. Some of his appearances on OTK's YouTube channel even garnered over a million views.

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Jschlatt departed from the organization in December 2022, as announced by the official Twitter account of the group. According to the post, he made this decision in order to embark on his own journey in content creation and explore new opportunities.

Jschlatt continues to experience steady growth and retains his position as one of the most cherished streamers and content creators in the industry.

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