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How to rank up players in EA FC Mobile

In EA FC Mobile, ranking up players is an important tactic for improving your team's performance and general strength. This method is required for success in a variety of game modes. This tutorial aims to walk you through the entire player ranking process, from accessing your inventory to understanding the meaning of different levels and their related colors.

By understanding the significance of player ranking, you'll build an unbeatable team primed for victory in the competitive scene of EA FC Mobile.


Ranking up players in EA FC Mobile involves increasing their OVR

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Ranking up players in EA FC Mobile entails increasing their Overall Rating (OVR), a vital feature that has a big impact on your team's ability, notably in terms of scoring possibilities in critical game modes. Let's go over how to rank up players:

1) Go to player inventory: Go to your player inventory, which is usually available from the main menu or squad management screen in EA FC Mobile.


2) Player selection: From your inventory, choose the player you want to rank up. You must have duplicates of this precise player card on hand.

3) The "Ranking" button: The "Ranking" button within the player's profile acts as your portal to player improvement. The ranking-up process is initiated by a simple tap on this button.

4) Confirm eligibility: The game system will check to see whether you have any duplicate player items that are eligible. You will not be able to proceed with the ranking-up process if duplicates are missing or the player is already fully trained.

5) Duplicate player consumption: To rank up a player, you must use duplicate copies of their card. You cannot usually use a basic player item to rank up an event player item. Make sure you have the exact duplicates needed for the ranking procedure.


6) Decoding player ranks: The color of the gem on a player's player card represents their rank. Each level correlates to a different color:

  • Level 1: Green
  • Level 2: Blue
  • Level 3: Purple
  • Level 4: Red
  • Level 5: Orange

7) Tracking progress: The rank-up menu neatly displays the number of ranks your player has attained, allowing you to track their progress.

Significance of ranking up players in EA FC Mobile

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Ranking up players isn't only for show; it has far-reaching repercussions for your gaming experience:

1) Enhanced performance: A player's OVR rises by one point with each level, considerably boosting their skills and effectiveness on the field.

2) Team OVR contribution: Player OVR contributes directly to your team's overall rating, which is also known as Team OVR. A higher Team OVR equates to better scoring chances and a stronger team overall in various game styles.

3) Competitive edge: In competitive arenas, boasting a team with higher OVR players provides a substantial competitive advantage.

4) Strategic versatility: Ranking up players allows you to tailor your team to your preferred playing style and tactical approach, facilitating success in diverse game situations.

5) Skill points: Additionally, the ranking up process typically rewards you with skill points. These are invaluable for unlocking or enhancing player skills and attributes, offering further customization options for your team in EA FC Mobile.

EA FC Mobile launches on September 26, 2023.

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