How can players switch between the four characters in Gangs of Sherwood? (Image via Nacon)

How to switch between characters in Gangs of Sherwood

Gangs of Sherwood is an upcoming action-adventure co-op title from developer Appeal Studios. Players can choose to either play solo or with up to four party members as they generate mayhem in an attempt to free the masses from a futuristic dystopian nightmare. Players opting to play solo can switch between characters at will - provided they have access to Major Oak.

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Note: Minor spoilers for Gangs of Sherwood will follow.

Switching between four characters in the Gangs of Sherwood campaign


As already established, players enjoying the campaign for Gangs of Sherwood can choose to play it entirely solo or in co-op. Solo adventurers can pick from a total of four heroes when they begin their journey.


Switching to another character is possible by following the steps below:

  • Make sure you gain access to Major Oak before proceeding.
  • Once within Major Oak, head to the mission briefing table.
  • The other three characters can be found at various locations in this room.
  • To switch to another character, simply walk up to them.
  • Hit the interact button (Square on PlayStation) to immediately swap to the character.

Players can freely switch between characters at will when in Major Oak.


Limitations of switching between characters in Gangs of Sherwood


Unfortunately, switching between the available characters in Gangs of Sherwood is not entirely seamless. The mechanic has severe limitations, which are listed below:

  • Players can only switch between characters in Major Oak.
  • New skills and attacks are not transferred between the characters.
  • Each character has their own Skill Tree and moveset that must be unlocked manually.
  • Switching between characters is not possible during the middle of a mission. Hence, gamers are recommended to select their desired character of choice before starting a mission.

This is further compounded by the fact that certain areas of the game are exclusively character-locked. These regions and quests cannot be accessed by other heroes.

What are the four playable characters in Gangs of Sherwood?


The four playable characters in the game are each based on a modern rendition of Robin Hood’s gang of Merry Men. They include:

  • Robin Hood: The leader of the group and a deadly archer. Can use trick shots to take down foes from afar.
  • Little John: Little John is the second member of the group, possessing a mechanical arm to aid him in battle. He is capable of using both melee and ranged abilities.
  • Friar Tuck: Friar is a monk, focused on providing support to the group. He is an indispensable member who is also capable of dealing damage to foes in times of need.
  • Maid Marian: Marian is the assassin of the group, opting to use knives and a rather unique chain sword. She specializes in stealth.

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