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How to access the Factory Wing in Warzone 2 DMZ's Koschei Complex (Image via Activision and YouTube/MrDalekJD)

How to enter the Factory Wing of Koschei Complex in Warzone 2 DMZ

The Koschei Complex is an area beneath Warzone 2's Al Mazrah with four entrances. The area is an exclusive zone, although it can only be entered after landing on the map. There are various challenges and intriguing loot to discover inside for the players to overcome. The complex contains several rooms, one of which is the Factory Wing, considered the most difficult to conquer.

The Factory Wing chamber is difficult to locate because it is deep within the complex, and players may become disoriented on their trip. As a result, the following article will provide detailed guidance to help them find the room without getting stuck.


Where is the Factory Wing area in Warzone 2 DMZ's Koschei Complex?


To start your journey, you must get inside Warzone 2's Koschei Complex. You are free to use any of the four entrances. But remember that if you enter through Al Mazrah City or Rohan Oil, you will need car batteries and a jumper cable to finish a puzzle. The Oasis entry is the most recommended because it is the simplest.

When you enter the complex, follow the red arrow marks on the wall to an airtight door. If a puzzle exists, solve it by connecting the car battery and jumper cord to unlock the door. The Chemical Plant is located behind the door. The area is completely dark, so do carry night vision goggles.


Then, move to the center of the Chemical Plant area, where you will see a small room with light inside. You must now examine the vents near the room; crouch to enter the vents and look for a key labeled "Factory Admin Key." This is a mandatory item, and it only spawns twice, so if you can't find any, it implies that other teams have already taken it, and you'll have to try again in your next match.

Factory Admin Key in Warzone 2's Koschei Complex (Image via Activision)

Once you obtain the admin key, proceed west to a chamber labeled A1 or A2. Go inside and use the admin key to unlock the door. When the door opens, do not rush in since a sentry gun will be installed at the end of the corridor. Instead, go forward taking cover, and proceed down this hallway until you reach a big office area known as the Factory Admin room.

Behind the door lies the Factory Wing in Warzone 2's Koschei Complex (Image via YouTube/MrDalekJD)

After entering the room, turn left and proceed to the far end, towards the south. You will come across a door, enter it, and proceed downstairs. You will come across another door, and behind it is the Factory Wing area. The area has a high threat level and is riddled with traps, so proceed cautiously.

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