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How to train players in EA FC Mobile?

Training players in EA FC Mobile is an essential component of the game, allowing you to enhance their skills and attributes, ultimately boosting their performance on the virtual pitch. Understanding the complexities of Training Levels and Training XP is critical since they directly impact your players' qualities and performance on the virtual field.

This article will lead you through the procedures and techniques for properly training your players in EA FC Mobile.


Tips to train players in EA FC Mobile

Understanding the basics of player training

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Before getting into the complexities of training, it's critical to understand the core principle. Player training in EA FC Mobile revolves around elevating a player's Training Level, which improves their qualities. This enables your player to run faster, shoot more accurately, and perform well in various in-game settings.


A player's potential can be maximized by raising their Training Level, which ranges from 1 to 30. This procedure entails acquiring Training XP, which can be acquired by using other players as training materials. The amount of Training XP a player contributes largely depends on their Overall Rating (OVR).

Initiating player training

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Follow these steps to begin training a player:

1) Access your club: Open EA FC Mobile and go to your club.

2) Select the player: Select the player you want to train. This should be a player whose qualities you desire to improve.

3) Access training: Click on the player and select the "Training" option from their menu.

4) Use Training XP: In the training menu, you'll find a screen that allows you to utilize other players as Training XP to increase the Training Level of your selected player.

Acquiring Training XP

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Training XP is vital to player development in EA FC Mobile. To obtain it, follow these tips:

Higher OVR players: Players with higher Overall Ratings generally provide more Training XP when used as training materials. Therefore, consider using players with a higher OVR to train your chosen player for maximum efficiency.

Previous training history: Previously trained players will provide a base amount of XP, along with additional XP for each level. This can be a significant advantage when nurturing your star players.

Maximizing training level and skills

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The ultimate goal of player development is to achieve the coveted Training Level 30 and assign specific talents to your teammates. When a player reaches this level:

Maximized attributes: Your player's attributes will be boosted, allowing them to perform at their peak speed, shooting accuracy, and ball control.

Unlocked skills: You can assign skills to your player, further personalizing their play style. These qualities can bring benefits such as improved dribbling, passing accuracy, and defensive capabilities.

In conclusion, understanding player training in EA FC Mobile is critical for assembling a competitive team capable of competing at the top level.

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