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How to unlock Ryu's alternate costume in Street Fighter 6

The long-running fighting game franchise has arrived with its latest offering, Street Fighter 6. Fans of the series will be thrilled to see several of their favorite characters making a comeback, with Ryu being a prominent figure. Like all the other returning characters, he is sporting a brand-new look. Those who prefer his classic white karate gi with torn sleeves, black belt, and red headband must unlock it.

This can be done by spending real money to get Fighter Coins and then buying the outfit. Alternatively, you can jump into World Tour mode to unlock it.


Finding Ryu in World Tour mode

With a set of familiar, intuitive moves that facilitate a consistent playstyle, Ryu is an excellent choice for everyone from beginners to experts.

The first step to unlocking Ryu's classic outfit is to locate him and have him become your master. He only becomes available in Chapter 8, so you must play through this open-world, RPG-style, single-player mode for a while to find him.

Before you can find Ryu, you must finish E. Honda's mission. Once completed, pull up your character's in-game phone, use up some travel tickets, and get yourself over to Genbu Temple. Once you arrive, a cutscene introducing Ryu will play. Afterward, walk up to him to trigger a short interaction which will lead to a battle.


Ryu will be at level 25, so ensure you have an adequate level in Street Fighter 6. However, the result doesn't matter since he will become accessible as a master regardless.

Following the fight, you will be enrolled under Ryu, and his moveset and fighting style is now available to equip. However, the quest to unlock his classic garb does not end here. Now you must attain maximum bond level with him, and only then will his classic outfit become available.

How to raise bond level in Street Fighter 6


There are several ways to raise your bond level with Ryu in World Tour. You can give him gifts, use his moves to fight other NPCs or engage in a sparring session with him.


Giving gifts can be done unlimited times, but it costs money. So if you want to raise your bond level with this method, ensure you have sufficient funds. Ryu's favorite gift is the Instant Soba.

The other way is by using his fighting style during fights. This raises the level of his particular fighting style, which can unlock sparring opportunities and other interactions with him and contribute to strengthening your bond.

Street Fighter 6 is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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