How to unlock Storytelling Method quest in Genshin Impact

How to unlock Storytelling Method quest in Genshin Impact

How to unlock the Storytelling Method quest in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

Storytelling Method is a World Quest that occurs in the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact. Players must complete it to earn reputation rewards. However, getting this quest is an arduous task because it is locked behind some Daily Commissions in the game.


Here is a quick and easy guide for players to unlock the Storytelling Method quest in Genshin Impact.

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Quest chains that unlock Storytelling Method quest in Genshin Impact

To unlock and get the Storytelling Method quest, players will have to complete several of Inazuma's Daily Commissions correctly in the game.


These Daily Commissions are:

  • This Novel... Seems Familiar?
  • This Novel... Seems Problematic?

However, unlocking the two Daily Commissions mentioned above requires players to complete another commission called "Is This Novel Amazing?".

'Is This Novel Amazing?' is a Daily Commission that occurs in Inazuma City. Players have to visit two NPCs named Shigeru and Junkichi. Toward the end of the quest, Junkichi asks the traveler:

Traveler, who do you think is right, me or Shigeru?

There are two options available at this stage, and both lead to different outcomes:

  • Choosing Actually, Junkichi's idea isn't bad... unlocks This Novel... Seems Problematic?
  • Choosing Actually, Shigeru sounds more reasonable... unlocks This Novel... Seems Familiar?

The Genshin Impact community has contrasting opinions on the quest that finally unlocks The Storytelling Method. The majority of players unlocked the quest after completing This Novel...Seems Familiar?, but some have claimed that they got it after completing This Novel...Seems Problematic? commission.

The most popular and convenient way to unlock the Storytelling Method seems to be completing This Novel....Seems Familiar commission where players need to visit Shigeru and Junkichi yet again. Thereafter, Junkichi asks the traveler to collect three books and show him the correct light novel.

Players must give Junkichi Literature Club (not the other two books), and this shall unlock Storytelling Method World Quest.


The Storytelling Method quest in Genshin Impact complete walkthrough

In the Storytelling Method quest, Junkichi asks the traveler to act as the main character in his story which revolves around a Ninja.

Players enter a special domain during the quest, where they have to follow the instructions given by Junkichi. These include silently avoiding the guards and breaking the ground through plunging attacks.

After defeating all the enemies, the 'ninja' is required to collect the intel that is hidden behind a tree.


Completing the domain and then talking to Junkichi finishes the Storytelling Method quest and unlocks the 'Well, At Least It Ended' achievement as well. The achievement grants 5 Primogems to players.

As of now, the latest update for Genshin Impact has arrived with a ton of new content, and players are busy completing the newly introduced story quests and events. Players can unlock a variety of quests to get free rewards and bonuses in the game that will help them rank up faster in the game. The latest updates bring a lot of new content for players to experience as well.

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