Working mechanism of the Wallet feature that is coming to DMZ in Warzone 2 Season 4 (Image via Activision)

How does the wallet work in Warzone 2's DMZ?

The fourth season of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is almost around the corner, and fans are anticipating game-changing upgrades. The upcoming update will alter the DMZ experience and provide several new elements, the most anticipated of which is the Wallet feature. Aside from that, another Exclusion zone titled Vondel will be available, along with a new faction named Phalanx and much more.

The update will be significant and undoubtedly gain massive appeal since the DMZ mode is popular among the community. The developers are taking it seriously to offer players fresh elements to try and approach the mode in new ways and tackle challenges with unique methods. The following article will cover everything gamers need to know about the Wallet function.


How will the Wallet feature function in Warzone 2's DMZ mode?


Call of Duty revealed the Wallet functionality in its Season 4 DMZ Community Update on June 9. It's a far more fascinating feature that will delight DMZ aficionados. In the present DMZ scenario, gamers are wasting a notable amount of their hard-earned money as soon as they successfully exit the territory. However, the Wallet feature will totally alter the system by allowing them to save cash outside of the DMZ world.

Wallet feature in DMZ (Image via Activision)

This feature will enable one to save the cash they had during the extraction and spend it later when performing another infiltration. Players are overjoyed with the new addition, as they can now look further beyond after successfully exfiltrating the area.

Furthermore, the cash stored in Wallet can be used inside Exclusion zones to complete objectives or missions that will help the community to wrap up missions quicker.

How to unlock the Wallet feature in Warzone 2's DMZ mode?


Season 4 will see the introduction of the Forward Operating Base (FOB), which will serve as the DMZ's central hub. It will serve as a new menu for players to track their objectives or missions and acquire several upgrades that may be utilized across the DMZ.


To enable the Wallet feature, simply take up the FOB objectives. Once done, the feature will be available in your loadout choices prior to infiltration.

The Season 4 update for Warzone 2 includes multiple new features that have the potential to restore the title's grandeur. Each new inclusion has been carefully considered and will appeal to the community to appreciate and engage with the title even more. Following the introduction of the update, the dropping player count may see some good consequences.

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Warzone 2 Season 4 will launch on June 14, 2023. The update will be available on Windows PC (via and Steam), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

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