Erling Haaland is extremely powerful in EA FC 24 (Image via EA Sports)

Is Erling Haaland EA FC 24 card the best attacker to use?

There are few items as good as the Erling Haaland EA FC 24 card when it comes to stats, performance, and overall. The Norwegian has received a big buff to his rating from FIFA 23, making him one of the top three players at the top of the standings. That said, ratings and high attributes may not necessarily transform into great performance as the game's match engine has a certain meta.

The title might not have been available for long, but the Manchester City star is already making strong impressions. It's no wonder that the Erling Haaland EA FC 24 card is one of the more expensive items, overshadowed by his own RTTK item in Ultimate Team.


There are some great reasons why the Erling Haaland EA FC 24 card is one of the best items you can use in Ultimate Team.

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Erling Haaland EA FC 24 card stats and overall


EA FC 24 has given Erling Haaland an overall boost to 91 from his earlier rating of 88 in FIFA 23. This is completely justified, given the kind of impact he had in his very first season with Manchester City.

Here are the key stats of Haaland's gold card:

  • Pace: 89
  • Shooting: 93
  • Passing: 66
  • Dribbling: 80
  • Defense: 45
  • Physicality: 88
  • Weak Foot: 3*
  • Skills: 3*

In all fairness, the Erling Haaland EA FC 24 card has certain weaknesses, like the relatively poor weak foot, which could lead to worse finishing. Right now, it might not be that important, but the weak foot will become a factor as better cards are released in future promos.


When it comes to the strength of the card, it's a combination of pace and shooting. The 93 shooting is absolutely fantastic and is backed by an 89 pace. Typically, someone of Haaland's stature rarely has so much base pace, which makes this item so much more powerful.

However, it's not only the stats that make Haaland top-tier in Ultimate Team. One also needs to take a look at his playstyles.

Erling Haaland EA FC 24 card playstyles


Haaland's base item comes with the Acrobatic Playstyle+. He also has the Power Header and Quick Step playstyles.

The Acrobatic Playstyle+ means that players will be able to score volleys from chances. Usually, volleys aren't the easiest of finishes, so having this playstyle+ is a definite bonus.

With his height, strength, and the Power Header playstyle, Haaland can be extremely lethal in the air. Combined with Quick Step, he can easily leave defenders behind to set up a one-on-one situation with the opposing keeper.

In conclusion

When it comes to attackers, Kylian Mbappe is still the most overpowered item as of the latest patch in EA FC 24. The Frenchman is extremely expensive to acquire, and he remains as dominant as he was in the last couple of years. He is the best attacker to use in the game right now.

However, Haaland is far better than last year when it comes to meta performance. His ideal playstyle is completely different from Mbappe's, but he can be a dominant force in the right hands.

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