The latest special pack is available in the FUT Store (Images via EA Sports)

Is the FIFA 23 Birthday Cheer Pack worth it?

FUT Birthday celebrations are live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and EA Sports has released a brand new Birthday Cheer Pack in the FUT Store to commemorate the occasion. It is the 14-year anniversary of Ultimate Team, and the first phase of the FUT Birthday event has lived up to expectations by providing gamers with engaging content.

This isn't the first special store pack to be released during the course of the promo. EA Sports has already introduced several expensive packs that gamers can purchase using in-game currency or microtransactions, with the Birthday Cheer Pack being the latest inclusion.


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The Birthday Cheer Pack is now available in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Store

The Birthday Cheer Pack features an Icon-flavored twist that separates it from the other special packs released during the FUT Birthday event in FIFA 23. Not only does the pack contain 25 rare gold player items, but it also offers a guaranteed Mid Icon card for gamers to add to their FUT squads.

What are the pack odds of the Birthday Cheer Pack?


The FUT Birthday event has introduced two separate rosters of special promo cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. These items showcase unique boosts to their attributes, skill moves, and weak-foot abilities, making them some of the most sought-after variants in the game.

The new special FUT Store pack offers the following chances of obtaining various card types:

  • Gold 75+ player: 100%
  • Gold 82+ player: 100%
  • Gold 90+ player: 35%
  • Team of the Week player: 35%
  • FUT Birthday player: 8.2%
  • FUT Birthday Icon player: <1%

The pack can be purchased for 450,000 FUT coins or 2,500 FIFA points, making it one of the most expensive special packs to be released so far in the game cycle.


Is the pack worth it?

Icons are some of the most desirable and effective cards in FIFA 23. While the Birthday Cheer pack only offers the Mid versions of these legendary players, it is still an extremely enticing proposition for gamers looking to take their squads to the next level.

However, the likelihood of obtaining an Icon whose value surpasses the price of the pack is extremely low. Similarly, the odds of obtaining a FUT Birthday or FUT Birthday Icon version are rather low for such a costly pack.

Since 450,000 FUT coins is an exorbitant amount for a pack offering such low odds in FIFA 23, fans will be better off spending their assets on the brand new 88+ Mid, Prime or World Cup Icon Player Pick SBC instead, as it contains superior versions while also offering a choice between three cards.

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