LoLdle answers for June 5, 2023 (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends LoLdle answers 333: Monday, June 5, 2023

The LoLdle answers for its 333rd edition have now been unveiled. Some of June 5's solutions are fairly easy to get. For the uninitiated, this guessing game's questions are associated with League of Legends' champions. That means fans unfamiliar with characters from this multiplayer title might have a hard time playing it.

We put our team's Loldle skills to the test...

Turns out @huhi and @Licorice really are the GOATs

To help such individuals out, this article will offer all the answers to LoLdle's 333rd edition.


Vi, Shyvana, and three other League of Legends LoLdle answers 333rd edition (June 5, 2023)

Here are the LoLdle answers for the June 5, 2023, puzzle:

  • Classic: Vi
  • Quote: Shyvana
  • Ability: Zilean Bonus: Q
  • Emoji: Olaf
  • Splash Art: Twitch, Bonus: Medieval Twitch

Previous League of Legends LoLdle answers

Some of the previously unveiled LoLdle answers are given below:

  • LoLdle, June 4, 2023: Corki, Xerath, Irelia, Yorick, and Kayle
  • LoLdle, June 3, 2023: Gragas, Diana, Varus, Graves, and Caitlyn
  • LoLdle, June 2, 2023: Azir, Fiddlesticks, Quinn, Poppy, and Brand
  • LoLdle, June 1, 2023: Kayle, Renekton, Rek’Sai, Ezreal, and Zyra
  • LoLdle, May 31, 2023: Veigar, Zac, Malphite, Elise, and K'Sante
  • LoLdle, May 30, 2023: Lucian, Kayn, Akali, Yasuou, and Zac
  • LoLdle, May 29, 2023: Tristana, Fiddlesticks, Tryndamere, and Teemo
  • LoLdle, May 28, 2023: Viego, Zed, Illaoi, Vladimir, and Evelynn
  • LoLdle, May 27, 2023: Kai’Sa, Akshan, Sylas, Xerath, and Malphite
  • LoLdle, May 26, 2023: Xerath, Nilah, Xin Zhao, Syndra, and Sivir
  • LoLdle, May 25, 2023: Quinn, Gwen, Yone, Fizz, and Miss Fortune
  • LoLdle, May 24, 2023: Warwick, Garen, Singed, Ashe, and Nunu
  • LoLdle, May 23, 2023: Yorick, Nilah, Zeri, Rek'Sai, and Fiora
  • LoLdle, May 22, 2023: Wukong, Renata Glasc, Soraka, Tahm Kench, and Aphelios
You can now play LoLdle in the following languages, quotes included:

More languages are coming soon!
Happy LoLdles ⚔️

Vi is the first answer, and she's quite easy to predict. This versatile jungle champion is one of the best in League of Legend's current meta, and players love using her. However, Shyvana's quote about the "true form" is a little hard to recognize.

Next is Zilean, and his Q ability is "Time Bomb." However, due to his low pick rate in ranked games, fans may find this answer hard to get. Olaf, on the other hand, is pretty popular in League of Legend's current meta, and it should be easy to recognize his emojis. Last but not least, Twitch's splash art is easy to identify.

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