Lingering Dread Grenade Launcher from Destiny 2 Duality (Image via Bungie)

Lingering Dread god roll guide for Destiny 2 PvP and PvE

Breech Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2 have always played a vital role inside PvP and PvE. Since the vaulting of one of the most iconic weapons in the game, Mountaintop, players have been looking for a replacement. While the new meta did replace the old, Bungie released a lot of Breech Grenade Launchers over the last year.

Here, the weapon in question is the newest Kinetic Grenade Launcher, Lingering Dread. You can try and acquire it from the Gahlran Nightmare encounter, which consists of perks viable for both PvP and PvE.


This article will guide you through the best perks to look out for in Lingering Dread.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and relies solely on the writer's opinion.

Best perk combination for Lingering Dread Grenade Launcher from Destiny 2 Duality dungeon

1) Usage

Lingering Dread with Blinding Grenades perk (Image via Destiny 2)

Breech Grenade Launchers are one of the most utility-based gears in the game. When Grandmaster Nightfalls comes into play, many Exotics and class abilities are taken into consideration. Blinding Grenades are one of the top priorities among them.

Here, Blinding Grenades isn't just another ability of a class but a perk of a weapon type. Bungie's approach towards Breech Grenade Launchers has been pretty evident, with the release of at least one of these weapon types per season.

While the Blinding Grenades perk isn't guaranteed with a drop, it can turn the tide of a battle by keeping adds in check. Additionally, it applies the blind in a radius, suppressing any enemies within.


2) PvE god roll

Lingering Dread Grenade Launcher PvE god roll (Image via Destiny 2 gunsmith)

Lingering Dread is an excellent addition to your inventory if you manage to land the best perks. The weapon sits in the Kinetic slot of the inventory, which can be paired with primary SMGs for synergies with your builds. However, the only downside to Breech Grenade Launchers is their need to direct-hit a combatant.

Landing a Blinding projectile on an enemy will stun a bunch of additional combatants within a radius. The best perks for the Lingering Dread Grenade Launcher are as follows:

  • Quick Launch for a significant increase in Handling and projectile speed.
  • Blinding Grenades for a brief, blinding effect on enemies in a radius.
  • Auto-Loading Holster for reloading the weapon after keeping it holstered.
  • Danger Zone for further increasing the radius of the weapon's Blast Radius.

Vorpal Weapon and Kill Clip are excellent choices in the last column.

3) PvP god roll

Best PvP perks for Lingering Dread (Image via Destiny 2 Gunsmith)

If you're looking to use a Breech Grenade Launcher in PvP, it's best if you prioritize Blinding above all else. There won't be much to do with any other perks against Guardians, especially in the last two columns.

However, Blinding Grenades can disorient opposing Guardians, allowing you to swap to your primary and take the upper hand.

Steady Hands and Kill Clip are two decent perks in PvP for Lingering Dread if you're looking to make something out of your blinding weapon.

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