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List of The Grand Mafia redeem codes, free rewards, and steps to follow

The Grand Mafia, developed and published by Yotta Games, is a real-time online multiplayer title where players take on the role of a Mafia boss named James Adams. He is a convict, framed for the murder of his family (gang), and is on a journey to take back control of the mafia from the underworld.

Their main objective in this game is to essentially manage their gang, resources, and recruit fresh talent and train them at the main base to take on the underworld. It is heavily inspired by other popular mafia titles like Mafia City, Golden City: Mafia Empire, Grand Theft Auto series, and others of the same genre.

Now, to train and manage members of the gang quickly, players will need resources like Gold, Speed-ups, VIP points, etc. These can be used to unlock and upgrade high-level associates in the Investing Center and once ready, they can be taken out to street battles through the Battle Map.

The developers regularly release special codes to aid players in their quest. Let's take a loot at the ones that are currently active and those that have already expired.

Exploring The Grand Mafia's active and inactive redeem codes, and how to use them

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In The Grand Mafia, members of the gang are referred to as Enforcers. It is important to expand the team and recruit as many associates as possible to increase the team's size and level up in the game. Fans of Grand Theft Auto would be familiar with the concept as it follows a somewhat similar approach but in a different setting.

Resources are generally expensive in The Grand Mafia and there are plenty of in-app purchases. Hence, redemption codes can be used to unlock several items for free and upgrade the Enforcers quickly.

Several codes were launched recently by the developers, most of which have already expired. Here's a new code that is still active and can be redeemed for the following items:

V3rseau: Redeem this code to get 200 Gold, 1-Hr Speed-Up x1, Energy Drink (1K) x1


The code will only be valid until February 5, 2023, so be sure to log into the game and enter the code to get the free items.

Here are a few codes that have expired and no longer work:

  • tgm888: Redeem this code to get 300 Gold , Family Building Material Redemption Coupon x10, 1-Hr Training Speed-Up x1, 1-Hr Speed-Up x1, and 100 VIP Points
  • N3wY1ar: Redeem this code to get 200 Gold, Family Building Material Redemption Coupon x10, Fireworks x1, 3-Hr Speed-Up x1
  • Let1tsnow: Redeem this code to get 200 Gold, 1-Hr Healing Speed-Up x1, Stamina Drink (Small) x1

Steps to redeem The Grand Mafia's codes


Step 1: Open The Grand Mafia app on your mobile device and complete the tutorial. Note that the game can be played on both Android and iOS.

Step 2: Head over to the profile section by clicking on the icon and selecting the Redemption Codes button.

Step 3: Type or paste the code in the text box.

Step 4: Once it is entered, click on Exchange to get your free rewards.

Purchase gold, speed-ups, etc. to upgrade enforcers (Image via Google Play Store)

Generally, the developers publish redeemable codes on special occasions or to celebrate certain milestones. These offerings, news, and updates are published on The Grand Mafia's Facebook page. This is one of the best ways to get free items in the game to level up and build your team of Enforcers.

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