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Milio discovered an entirely new fire axiom, Fuemigos (Screengrab via League of Legends' Milio Champion Trailer)

Milio's League of Legends lore deep dives into the Ixtali enchanter's Yun Tal adventure and how he mastered fire axiomata

After announcing the forthcoming League of Legends champion Milio, Riot Games shared some fascinating lore about the champion and his surroundings.

Riot hinted at the arrival of three new champions in the 2022 preseason 2023 roadmap video. They were K'Sante, the Darkin Assassin (Nafiri), and the Ixtali Male Enchanter.


Riot later released the League of Legends season 13 roadmap video near the end of 2022, where they made it known that "Milio" is the real name of the Ixtali Enchanter. The champion will officially appear on the Summoner's Rift with patch 13.16.

During the season 13 roadmap video, Riot did not divulge anything. However, they claimed that the enchanter would heal his companions with firepower. Finally, in addition to gameplay, League of Legends' loremasters hinted at some of the new champion's backstories.


League of Legends' latest enchanter champion has mastered a new fire hypothesis and is a step away from conquering the mighty Yun Tal

Milio's official default Splash Art (Image via Riot Games - League of Legends)

Riot has officially revealed Milio. The League of Legends Universe Page lore has also been made public, including letters he refers to as "Milio's Super-Special Adventure Report."

Enchanter champion Milio, The Gentle Flame, hails from League of Legends' Ixtal region. Milio uses fire as his elemental magic because Ixtal is known for having powerful elemental magic. Instead, he heals his allies rather than destroying them with the flames.


Compared to the other League of Legends champions who have just been launched, Milio's lore is distinctive. The primary explanation is that Milio's lore depicts not only his past but also that of his family and even Ixtal.

Ixtal history

Ixtal and its history must be examined before we dig deep into Milio and his story. Ixtal was originally part of the Shuriman empire. But due to the Void War and the Darkin War that followed, Ixtal began to think that Runeterra could not endure if such catastrophes persisted.

They separated themselves. Using the adjacent jungle and their elemental power to keep their distance from their neighbors. Their elemental magic is known as Axiom by the Ixtali.

Ixaocan, Ixtal's capital, is in the middle of the region. Also inside Ixaocan lies one of the central legislatures of the region, Yun Tal Cast. Many individuals desire to join the Yun Tal Cast since they hold some of the highest positions in Ixtal.

The Vidalion, located at the center of Ixtal (Image via Riot Games - League of Legends)

But to associate with them, one must attain elemental mastery. A human can become an elemental master by overcoming the trials of the Vidalion. Vidalion is an old relic that can weave magic into material form. Moreover, an Elemental Robe must be woven to finish this task.


The story before Milio

League of Legends' tale of Milio begins with his grandmother Lupé and her identical twin sister Luné a few generations before his birth. They are both elemental masters, yet they have various affinities. Lupé, Milio's grandmother, was skilled in earth magic, and Luné was skilled in fire magic. They both joined Yun Tal after being able to finish the Vidalion.

The Vidalion weaves shimmering robes in dark, rich colors for the Yun Tal (Image via Riot Games - League of Legends)

On the other hand, the elemental fire wizard Luné began hatching schemes against Yun Tal. Nonetheless, both sisters were found guilty after she was discovered scheming against the legislators. Lupé, the grandmother of Milio, was banished. But, Luné managed to disappear. Lupé by then had lost all faith in her sister.

Early Years of Milio

When Milio was born, his family relocated to a different village. Even though their lifestyle had changed, they still tried to give Milio the best possible life. His formative years were paradise for him. He discovered everything there, including joy and love.

Milio showed promise while the rest of his family struggled to develop those traits organically. Lupé attempted to teach him axiomata as a result. But he found it difficult to understand the rigor of the discipline's norms. As a result, Lupé lost faith and stopped following Milio's instructions.

Milio, though, didn't give up on his dreams. He went beyond the guidance of his grandmother. He started researching nature and devised his own set of guidelines. He eventually mastered the element of fire, which Lupé had not taught him.


The Awakening of Milos' Axiom

While Milio continued to ponder the nature of fire, he discovered a village hunter who was hurt and immobile. Milio tried furiously to stabilize her with his fire axiom, but it was ineffective. He created something that could heal using his fire axiom because the village healer was far away.

He could feel her soul, or "inner flame," after transforming his fire into a medicinal substance. The inner flame was also present in everything around him and within him. Milio channeled his entire being into that sensation and created a being. With big, welcoming eyes, the creature was little and timid.

He then applied the creature to the hunter's injury to completely heal her. Milio also made a discovery that evening, which he jokingly referred to as "soothing fire." He later gave his creature the name "Fuemigo."

Milio's Fuemigos are round and bouncy, with a soft glow (image via Riot Games - League of Legends)

Milio proudly showed his family what he had accomplished when he returned home. He created another Fuemigo in front of his family. Except for his grandmother Lupé, who seemed unsettled by this success, his family rejoiced upon seeing it.

Lupé believed he could succeed where his family had failed after witnessing Milio's dominance over Axiomata. The goal of this is to put an end to his family's exile and have them rejoin Ixtal's ruling caste.

Milio with his Fluemingos on his way to Ixaocan (Screengrab via League of Legends' Milio Champion Trailer)

Despite her worries, Lupé devoted all her attention to Milio as she developed his talents. She prepared him for the day when he would depart for Ixaocan, liberate Lupé from the weight Luné had placed upon him, and return home.

It was a heavy load for Milio, though. He never knew anything outside his home, so leaving it worried him. Nonetheless, Milio loved his family a lot. The happiness of his family was essential to him, so he would have the strength to leave the village.

Milio with his Furnasita backpack (Image via Riot Games - League of Legends)

Milio, assisted by Lupé, created a special backpack called "Furnasita" for his journey. He could safely keep his constantly burning Fuemigos within this Furnasita. Milio, who was just 12 years old, departed his village while grinning widely and with a heavy heart.

The Adventure of Milio

Since then, Milio had practically explored the entire Ixtal. He not only traveled, but he also gained new friends and met new people. He set up camp under the stars and sent home letters describing his adventures while foraging to Ixaocan.

Milio resting by a camp on the way to his Ixtal journey (Screengrab via League of Legends' Milio Champion Trailer)

Following a protracted voyage, Milio arrived in Ixaocan. He then began his preparations to face the Vidalion. Milio's special abilities had attracted a lot of attention, including that of Luné, who was incarcerated beneath the city in a bid to spend her time. He soon became popular in Ixaocan as "The boy with the Soothing Flames."

Even Milio is aware of the murmuring that permeates the city. But for now, his primary objective is to join Yun Tal and make his family proud.

Milio's Letters

The first visual letter of Milio, depicted in a wooden piece (Image via Riot Games - League of Legends)

Milio's letters are referred to as "Milio's Special Adventure Reports" by Riot. These are pieces of wood, and the subjects are depicted in five separate imagery.

The first letter portrays the moment when Milio left his village; its content is the kid writing home to his parents. Milio asks how everyone is doing, name-drops all the relatives, and talks about how he arrived at the next village and how he is happy that he finally sleeps in a bed.

New friends make everything brighter! Say hello to Milio, on Universe now.

🧾 Biography: universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/ch…
Milio’s Letters: universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/mi…

(There’s still some mail on the way… check back later for more of his adventures.)

Milio also mentions in the first letter that his Fuemigos are doing well and assures his grandmother Lupé that he is practicing his Axiom daily. He complained that although he is doing pretty well, he and his Fuimingos are really "starving." This is where the first letter ends.

There are four other letters, but they don't have any description as of now. Also, according to the League of Legends' description, there are more letters to follow.

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