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Who is the best Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mage? find out here (Image via Moonton Games)

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: 5 best Mages in MLBB (December 2023)

Mages in MLBB arrive in the Land of Dawn as guardians of the Mid Lane. These spellcasters mostly deal high magic damage, making it hard for enemies to escape. While defending the turrets in the middle of the park is tough, the right Mages in able hands can always assert dominance in the lane. However, Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s ever-changing meta makes it hard to choose the best champions.

This article lists the best Mages in MLBB based on their current performance. While some of them are automatic choices, others are the latest inclusions. Pick the best champion that will cater to your needs and bolster your chances of winning.


Note: This article is subjective and solely represents the writer’s point of view.

Who is the best Mage in Mobile Legends Bang Bang? 5 best Mages in MLBB


Mages are among the squishiest yet high-damage-dealing champions in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. While they are a little helpless without a Roamer (i.e., Tanks or Supports), they can start destroying enemy turrets in early games. Mages also often take on the responsibility of helping the Fighters with the jungle buffs as well.


A guide to operating in the Mid Lane might help you understand their roles better. However, even then, you will need the best Mages in MLBB by your side to increase your winning chances.

1) Chang’e

Chang'e gliding through the Mid Lane is a nightmare for the opposition in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (Image via Moonton Games)

Chang’e has always been a top Mid Laner in MLBB. This little girl loves to roam around on the moon with her bunny and shower meteors at her enemies, using her ultimate to finish them all in a teamfight. Try to get her ultimate activated before the first turtle spawns, and you can enhance your chances of winning.

Playing aggressively with Chang’e can be a good idea since her second skill can help her speed up to retreat from any pressure situation easily. However, it is better to master ambush attacks with her to increase the chances of survivability.

2) Odette

Choose Odette to dominate in the Mid Lane (Image via Moonton Games)

The thirteenth heiress of the Swan Castle, Odette, is counted amongst the most indomitable Mages in MLBB. Her ability to summon a swan to deal magic damage often forces champions to retreat in duels. When cast, her second skill sends a pair of energy balls forward that even hits a retreating enemy to immobilize them for 1.5 seconds.

This creates a perfect scenario for her to cast her ultimate, which creates an orb around her, dealing immense magic damage to anyone inside that orb every 0.5 seconds for five seconds. However, Odette’s slow movement speed makes her a difficult champion to master despite such amazing abilities.

3) Pharsa

Pharsa is amongst the highest-damage-dealing Mages in MLBB (Image via Moonton Games)

The raven princess of the Askati Forest, Pharsa, can deal immense damage to enemy champions in the battle of the Mid Lane. Her amazing first and second skills involve releasing a blast of magic damage and magic energy in the target direction, respectively, and make her one of the best Mid Laners in the game.

Furthermore, Pharsa’s ultimate skill covers a huge area. She can deal immense damage to every enemy in this area, reducing their HP to half with each strike. She can also morph into her companion, the raven, to retreat from tricky situations quickly.

However, Pharsa is among the squishiest champions in the title, and she will need a durable or healing Roamer by her side at all times to survive.

4) Valentina

Valentina is among the best Mages in MLBB (Image via Moonton Games)

Besides Pharsa, Valentina is among the most damage-dealing champions in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The unpredictable shadow predator casts her first skill toward the target, which slows down the enemy while dealing magic damage.

On the other hand, her second skill helps her dash in the direction of her target while firing three Shadow Bolts at the enemies for extra damage. The cooldown of this skill reduces by a second every time she successfully hits the enemy.

While these skills can already deal huge damage to enemy champions, Valentina’s ultimate slows the enemy for 0.5 seconds and gives her the ability to cast their ultimate, making her a nightmare for all top champions of the meta. However, this also makes it difficult for beginners to master her.

5) Cecilion

Cecilion is among the most overpowered Mages in MLBB (Image via Moonton Games)

As a Blood Demon, Cecilion brings a giant bat to the battlefield with his first skill. He orders the bat to dive into the battlefield to bring the enemy close to him. It sets the perfect trap to use his second skill, where he sends a pair of claws in the target direction, dealing immense damage.

Once Cecilion unleashes his demon power through his third skill, there is no way left for the enemies to escape. He takes flight, gaining 40% extra movement speed, and dashes in any direction he wants to fire 40 bolts of blood energy to destroy enemies.

Mages in MLBB are a crucial part of every Mobile Legends Bang Bang team. However, check out our guide to find the best champions in the current meta.

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