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Check out all the events for Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays (Image via Scopely)

Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays event: All rewards, schedule, and more

Scopely’s virtual board game is back with a new Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays event that brings plenty of amazing rewards for the tycoons. The Christmas-themed event is the first for this holiday special season. Note that, unlike other seasons, Heartfelt Holidays will only last a month. Thus, you should try to grab as many stickers from these events as possible to complete the sticker collection event in time.

The new three-day event requires you to land on specific tiles that feature event-exclusive tokens (rice lights). Gather the requisite points to complete milestones and grab the rewards.


Complete list of new Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays event rewards

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Kicking off on December 2, 2023, the Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays replaced Uncharted Adventures, the final event of the Epic Myths season. It features 42 milestones, each bringing incredible rewards.

Here's the complete list of milestones and rewards.

Follow these tips to win more from the latest event (Image via Scopely)

The Tax and Utility tiles on your board feature the event-exclusive tokens for Heartfelt Holidays. Landing on these tiles will give you three and two tiles, respectively. However, you can increase earnings by using roll multipliers.

Roll multipliers are an exciting way to increase your earnings from the game. However, learn their proper usage to get the most out of them.

You will probably need plenty of dice rolls to complete the new event. To that end, follow our article to capitalize on the dice roll giveaways.

The Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays event will only be live until December 4, 2023. Therefore, you must act fast to complete all the milestones.


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