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According to xQc, even his maids testified against him in court (Image via xQc/Twitch)

"A bunch of people testified against me": xQc discusses his court case, stating even his maids took the stand

In a recent Kick stream, Felix “xQc” shared more about his court case against Adept. Now that it has concluded, the streamer is more open to discussing what happened. From calling it a learning experience to other details, the streams he discusses have been interesting for his audience. In this most recent livestream, he said that many people took the stand against him, including his maids.

However, the streamer didn’t seem to be bothered by it. He spoke of the case in a very matter-of-fact tone, seemingly unbothered by Adept’s mother or his own maids taking the stand to talk about his relationship with Adept herself.

“I’m sure the documents are gonna leak anyway, but a bunch of people testified against me.”

xQc said his maids testified against him in court


Now that xQc has wrapped up his case against Adept and won, he’s been open to discussing it on his streams. As he said in the above clip, the documents are either out there or would likely be leaked anyway. Thus, he stated that there was no harm in discussing it. However, while he said a lot of people testified against him, he didn’t call anyone.


He also said that he didn’t need anyone because he had the truth:

“I didn’t call anybody up. It was just me, and the, uh, it was just me. It was just me against everybody else. I don’t need anybody. The truth was on my side, exactly. Why does it matter?”

After a few moments of silence and reading the chat, xQc opened up again about people testifying in court. The Kick streamer said that he was not going to hold it against anyone or start witch-hunting people over it.

However, when a user asked if any of the testimonies shocked him, he paused and then replied again:

“I don’t wanna do like, witch hunts. Not gonna bother, just like. . .uh, the maids, the maids testified against me, yeah.”

Social media reacts to xQc’s statement about being in court

One Redditor felt the maids weren't testifying against the streamer, but that they swore to uphold the truth (Image via Reddit)

While xQc said that the maids testified against him, according to some Redditors, that wasn’t exactly true. Henry Resilient has already posted a video where he discussed the entire court case. According to him, Adept had her mother and his maids testify. The only thing the maids reportedly had to say was that xQc called Adept the Spanish word for “wife” one time.

In addition, Adept’s mother stated on the record that neither of them directly admitted they were married, to the delight of Redditors. Others said that they didn’t testify against him but rather only swore to tell the truth in a court of law.


Many made light of the maids' testimonies and Adepts' strategy at large. One Redditor joked about xQc speaking Spanish at all. Another highlighted a MeatCanyon clip as “proof” that Felix abused his maids. In the animated video, it was a react streamer that looked and talked suspiciously like the Canadian streamer.

While the court case is over and the streamers involved can get back to their regular lives, it’s unlikely that it will stop being discussed anytime soon. If you’ve missed out on the drama between the two streamers, here is the entire timeline between Felix and Adept.

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