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Adin Ross addresses his recent feud with Keemstar (Images via Adin Ross and Keemstar/Twitter)

Adin Ross confronts Keemstar after the latter posts a video of the streamer discussing doing "s*xual stuff with a sleeping person"

During a livestream on June 9, 2023, Kick streamer Adin Ross voiced his displeasure with Drama Alert host Daniel "Keemstar." It all started when the latter shared a clip from the content creator's recent broadcast, in which he talked about doing "s*xual stuff with a sleeping person." In it, Adin Ross was heard saying:

"If she's just laying there, sleeping, right? This happened to me, like, a little bit ago. Is this bad? I don't want you to be weird about it. She was sleeping. I got nothing, like, streaming and s**t. Like, this is, like, weeks ago. Right? She was sleeping. I literally pulled down her pants... rubbed it on the ch**ks, and stuck it in. Like, is that bad? Be honest."
Adin Ross is under fire for a clip of him saying he did sexual stuff with a sleeping person. In the clip he states it was consensual. #DramaAlert

The Florida native added:

"Before you say anything weird, she wanted me to do that before. Like, she consented, like, 'Yo, while I'm sleeping...' You know what I'm saying?"

"You can't talk about s**t like that" - Adin Ross addresses his recent feud with Keemstar


The conversation began at the start of Adin Ross' broadcast when he brought up Keemstar and an editor by the name of Fuji. He said:

"Fuji and Keemstar. Okay? Keemstar, I've had your back for years, bro. I've always f**ked with you. When Fuji sent you a tweet saying Adin asked to take it down, and you wanted it to be on, saying, 'We put consensual in the title.' Keemstar, you are a 40-year-old dating a 18-year-old, bro. And I've never said nothing about that, bro!"

Adin Ross claimed that he stood by Keemstar when everyone was criticizing him:

"And, I've always stood by your side when everyone was being weird to you and s**t and said crazy f**ked up things about you... you can't say the actual s**t about me, bro!"

The Kick ambassador explained why he didn't contact the Drama Alert host directly, claiming that his phone number had been leaked:

"And I asked people about this, 'How do I go about this?' I asked them nicely to take it down. I didn't go to you direct. My number got leaked last night. I would've texted you. I would've called you. You should see my phone right now. It's a million f**king texts. You can't talk about s**t like that, bro!"

Adin Ross went on to express his displeasure with Keemstar, asserting that the latter was "supposed to be an ally" but chose not to listen to Fuji:

"But, what made me upset was... when you're supposed to be an ally to me, and you didn't listen to Fuji, who edits my channel, who works under you! And I saw the whole text conversation, how you said it, bro. That wasn't right!"

Fans react to Adin Ross' message to Keemstar

A clip featuring the streamer's message was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, and more than 105 fans responded in the comments. Here's a snapshot of some notable ones:

Redditors share their thoughts on the streamers' beef (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

Adin Ross is a well-known personality in the streaming industry who gained recognition for hosting Just Chatting content. He now exclusively broadcasts on Kick and boasts 365,979 followers on his channel.

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