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Ice Poseidon has been arrested in Australia (Image via Sportskeeda)

Australian police detain controversial Kick streamer Ice Poseidon live on camera for alleged s*xual assault

Update: This article is about a developing story, and some facts may be out of date. The streamer has since been released from the police station, and it has been confirmed that was not arrested but detained.

Paul Denino, better known as Ice Poseidon, was taken into custody while walking down the streets of Brisbane, Australia. Cops revealed he was being escorted to the police station in connection with allegations of s*xual assault.


This is not the first time that the controversial IRL streamer has been detained live on camera. He also got into trouble with the authorities in Thailand a few weeks ago.

Clips of the incident are already being shared on social media, with fans up in arms and spamming the chat, saying the streamer has done nothing wrong. Even Kick co-founder Eddie Craven, who is from Australia, appears to have taken matters into his own hands, typing "standby" in the chat.

Eddie Craven might be helping Ice Poseidon. (Image via Kick.com)

Watch: Ice Poseidon gets detained by Brisbane Police for alleged s*xual assault


As mentioned before, Paul is known for quite a few controversies pertaining to IRL streaming in the past. Only a few months ago, he and his posse were kicked out of a luxury hotel in Bangkok after the manager found out he was committing allegedly inappropriate acts in the lobby. The streamer and a few of his friends were immediately put under arrest.

Ice Poseidon had been IRL streaming his way across multiple Asian countries before the arrest in Thailand. The group of creators that he has been traveling with have also been embroiled in scandals, with two of his acquaintances getting arrested in Nepal for saying allegedly inappropriate things to a child.

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It appears that he had an encounter with a s*x worker a few minutes before the police accosted the streamer. While it is unclear whether that was the reason for the detainment, here is what the police officer said about the IRL streamer:

"You are both currently under arrest for sexual assault. Seriously, so please come over here."

Reactions to his detainment

After the clip was shared on social media platforms, many have supported the detainment, with some noting how Ice Poseidon has managed to get in trouble in two countries within a couple of months. Here are some general reactions from X and Reddit:

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IRL streamers have a tendency to attract negative attention, with a number of creators landing in trouble. That said, streamers broadcasting their vlogs live appeal to many, making them quite popular on websites such as Twitch and Kick.


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