Cricket 24's release date is close (Image via Big Ant Studios)

Cricket 24 release date, platforms, features, and more

Cricket 24 is all set to become the biggest cricket video game launch in recent history, with developer Big Ant Studios putting a significant amount of effort into development. While annual versions have been released over the last few years, the upcoming version is set to be bigger and bolder than ever.

This includes several new features, game modes, and the inclusion of more licenses compared to the previous releases.


There has been a shortage of cricket video games despite the sport remaining as popular as ever. However, it could all change once Cricket 24 releases worldwide. Let's take a look at all the important details available from the developer for the community.

Cricket 24 release date

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The upcoming release will be available starting October 5. The new date was announced earlier in June, and it's a result of an initial delay in the developmental phase.


Readers should note that there could be further delays, and they're advised to follow the game's social media account and Sportskeeda for all the updated news.

Cricket 24 platforms

Big Ant Studios has decided to make their upcoming product available on multiple platforms, including both generations of consoles. It will also be available on Nintendo Switch but at a later date in November.


The game will initially be available on PC, the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series XlS, and the Xbox One.

Cricket 24 features

Thanks to the additional licenses, the experience will be more realistic than ever. It's not only national licenses that players can enjoy, as there will be complete licenses of T20 leagues from all around the world as well.

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While the Indian Premier League won't be licensed, certain franchises like the Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians are expected to have authentic details.

Players will be able to enjoy playing with the sides across different game modes, including both online and offline experiences.

There will be a full-fledged career mode as well that will allow players to fulfill their dreams of becoming a professional cricketer on the virtual screen.

Several tournaments, including The Ashes, will be fully licensed as well. Players will also be able to enjoy crossplay across all online game modes.

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