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  • CS:GO will feature its last Major in Paris: Counter-Strike 2 to replace the following Majors from 2024
Paris Major will be the last major tournament of CS:GO (Image via PGL Major)

CS:GO will feature its last Major in Paris: Counter-Strike 2 to replace the following Majors from 2024

The CS:GO development team confirmed a few hours ago via a tweet that they will host their final Major tournament for the game in Paris this year, indicating that this year will only have one Major tournament for Counter-Strike. The next Major tournament will commence in March 2024, marking the first Major tournament for Counter-Strike 2.

Major Championships or Majors are tournaments hosted by Valve which bring in the 24 best teams from around the world to compete for the ultimate championship of the game. The first Major was hosted in 2013 and had a prize pool of $250,000. However, the prize pool has grown significantly since then. Today, each Major offers up to $2 million in rewards, making it an even more coveted competition.


CS:GO will have a farewell Major in Paris 2023

The Paris Major will be the final CS:GO Major.

The following Major will be in March 2024 and the first in Counter-Strike 2.

The Paris Major will mark the end of CS:GO as future tournaments will soon be replaced by the upgraded sequel. Valve does not seem to be wasting any time bringing Counter-Strike 2 onto the scene after its initial announcement and release last week.

The statement is receiving a mixed response from fans as some of them are really excited to see their favorite teams qualify and compete for the prestigious title twice a year, whereas others are really excited to see what the new game has to offer. They want the new game to be as balanced and fair as possible before the next Major hits the following year.


While the teams' responses have been limited, they have shared their expectations for their performance in both the farewell Major and the upcoming one.

@CounterStrike But what about second Major in 2023?

Participating in Majors is crucial for teams as they receive a significant portion of the total proceeds from sticker capsules and other items sold during the competition. Additionally, the winning team receives a substantial amount of the prize money.

CS:GO has become a vital component of the first-person shooter genre and has helped spearhead the esports revolution. While fans may feel emotional about their favorite game getting replaced by Counter-Strike 2, they are eagerly anticipating the improvements that the new game will bring.

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