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Naomi Ross debunks claims about Adin Ross viewing her sensitive picture on stream (Image via @naomzies/Instagram)

Did Adin Ross get tricked into viewing explicit picture of sister online? Naomi Ross shares Instagram story stating otherwise

Adin Ross's sister Naomi Ross has spoken up about the recent controversy surrounding the Kick Streamer allegedly watching a s*xually explicit picture of her while streaming. Sharing an Instagram story, Naomi Ross has claimed that the picture in question, while sensitive, did not belong to her but to another influencer.

Adin Ross has been embroiled in several controversies as of late, with the latest one being tricked into watching a video by a viewer while he was streaming on Kick, which allegedly turned out to be a naked picture of his sister. Social media has been buzzing about the scandal ever since, but details of the incident seem to have been misconstrued by viewers.


"This is the actual person": Naomi Ross claims brother Adin Ross did not view her picture on stream, names the actual person

Adin Ross was tricked by viewers to look at his naked sister. Do y'all think his viewers are taking it too far? 🫤

For context, several clips of popular streamer Adin Ross went viral on Twitter and Reddit a couple of days ago after claiming that someone had duped him into viewing a sensitive picture of his sister while he was streaming. Readers should note that the sister in question has an OF and the streamer has been trolled for it in the past.

Naturally, many media outlets shared the news, especially after Adin lashed out at viewers, saying he did not find the joke to be funny. While most took that as confirmation that the adult picture that he was duped into watching belonged to his sister, Naomi Ross has outright debunked the claim on her latest IG story. She shared a story from another Instagram user named @isabelle.eleanore, who claimed that the picture belonged to her.

Naomi Ross's story debunking claims that Adin Ross saw her naked picture on Kick stream (Image via @naomzies/Instagram)

Naomi Ross further called out people who were claiming her brother saw her sensitive picture, blasting them for pushing a story that was "messed up." She even tagged the person, captioning her story as follows:

"@isabelle.eleanore This is the actual person. This is getting taken way too far and is really messed up."

Isabelle's original story also has a caption which claims that the picture belongs to her and not Naomi. The influencer called on her followers to comment on a No Jumper post claiming otherwise:

"Everyone go comment on this post and tell them that it was actually my photo on the stream!"

Some Twitter reactions to Adin Ross's clip

Here are some general reactions to the alleged clips that went viral over the last few days:

@nojumper Fake! He set this whole play. But I did laugh
@nojumper That’s doing way too much 🤦🏽‍♂️
@nojumper wow anything can happen on the internet
@nojumper Way too far!! Would’ve had me sick!

This is not the first time that Adin has shown adult content on Kick, having voluntarily opened an adult website a few weeks ago causing massive outrage among people.

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