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A new SBC is available in FC 24 (Images via EA Sports)

EA FC 24 Kevin De Bruyne Flashback SBC - How to complete, cheapest cost, and more

EA FC 24's first special player challenge is now live in the form of Kevin De Bruyne Flashback SBC on this title's first night of early access. The first player promo to be released for this game, this challenge takes gamers back to one of the earliest seasons of the Belgian maestro's career. The SBC is also heavily influenced by this game's current Nike promo as well.

You won't need to open any packs to get Kevin De Bruyne's special card. All you have to do is complete the tasks that are part of his SBC before it expires. This will guarantee you the special card for your Ultimate Team squad. The best way to predict this challenge's completion cost is by analyzing the tasks in FC 24's Kevin De Bruyne Flashback SBC.


Cheapest Kevin De Bruyne Flashback SBC solutions in FC 24

Despite the Kevin De Bruyne Flashback SBC being the first special challenge in FC 24, EA Sports has kept its tasks relatively simple. There are segments to this inclusion, and you'll have to meet their requirements to beat it.

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Task 1 - Manchester City

  • Min. 1 players from: Manchester City
  • Min. team rating: 86

Task 2 - premier League

  • Min. 1 player from: Premier League
  • Min. team rating: 87

The Kevin De Bruyne Flashback SBC will cost around 225,000 FUT coins if you get all the fodder from the market. Though that is the lowest amount at which this challenge can currently be completed, it's worth noting that cheaper ways to do so may present themselves going forward.


The special challenge will be available for the next six days (as of September 22), and you can use this time to grind for more fodder to use in this SBC. You can do so by playing Squad Battles and Division Rivals.

You'll unlock an 87-rated CM card by completing the SBC set. It's arguably one of the best cards that you can use in FC 24 at the time of writing. However, this challenge's cost is pretty high, and it could be hard to complete for most players.

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