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EA FC 24 Champions Finals have been postponed (Image via EA Sports)

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Champions Finals - Dates, format, and more

EA Sports has confirmed the dates for the Ultimate Team Champions Finals in EA FC 24 and given a heads-up to the community about when the weekend leagues will begin. This is the most competitive mode of the game that will take place every weekend and will see players going up against each other. Unlike the Division Rivals mode, there's no cap on skill or ability, and players of all ranks are put together in the same competitive pool.

As the matches are a lot tougher than an average Division Rivals contest, Ultimate Team Champions Finals will offer much better rewards. EA FC 24 will be following the same format that has been there in previous titles like FIFA 23.


Players will have to qualify for the playoffs by playing Division Rivals and then aim to qualify for the finals to vie for the ultimate prizes.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Champions Finals beginning date


The first Ultimate Team Champions Finals will begin on the weekend starting October 6. There were certain rumors regarding the date, but EA Sports has officially confirmed it via a tweet.

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The event will occur every weekend, and players will be able to try to qualify for a new finals for more rewards. Qualification will be a two-step process in EA FC 24:

  • Win enough Division Rivals matches to get 1,250 Playoff points (losses and draws will also earn points).
  • Play the playoffs and win at least 4 matches out of 10 to qualify for the finals.

Ultimate Team Champions Finals will once again have 20 matches that players will have to finish within 3 days. It will commence at 9 am UK time on Fridays and end at 8:59 am UK time on Mondays. Any number of match attempts not used up will be wasted and won't carry over to the next week.

Rewards will be divided across 10 different ranks, with the best prizes at Rank 1. However, rewards across almost all the ranks have been improved based on the previous information from EA Sports. This will act as a bigger incentive for EA FC 24 players to qualify and play in the Ultimate Team Champions Finals.


While the finals won't take place before October 6, players can still qualify and play in the playoffs. Moreover, those who have acquired the Standard Edition will also have one week to get enough Rivals points to qualify for the playoffs. The higher divisions they reach on Rivals, the more points they will earn after each game.

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