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Sigewinne (Image via HoYoverse)

Emilie's rarity and Sigewinne's playable role described in latest Genshin Impact leaks

Currently, the Genshin Impact community doesn't have much to invest in right now, as everyone is entering a filler patch in a few days. As such, leaks often become the only source of content to look forward to for a lot of fans, as they provide an idea of things to come. Similarly, leaks have been going around hinting at the rarities and playable roles of upcoming characters.

Emilie and Sigewinne are the main topics of this article, as they are tied to Discord, TaoMain, and the latest text from a deleted user. The former entity is said to be a 5-star character, while the latter seems to be a DPS unit.


Typically, many might have noticed that these specific leaks contradict a previous leak by Uncle Chicken, which is mentioned in the aforementioned text.

Disclaimer: This article is based on leaks by renowned dataminer AHQ. Readers should take everything mentioned here with a grain of salt.


New Genshin Impact leaks hint at Sigewinne's role and Emilie's rarity

Thanks to the recent leaks, the community now has new information about Emilie and Sigewinne as playable units. The following post was made on Discord, where the leaker stated:

"Sigewinne is a DPS and Emilie is a 5-star, via AHQ. I've forgotten to add that Uncle Chicken denied Sigewinne being a DPS, AHQ answered."
Text channel in Tao Mains Genshin Impact server (Image via Discord)

As mentioned in the text, this leak is a response to Uncle Chicken's denial of Sigewinne being a DPS. On the other hand, this is the first time Emilie's rarity has been revealed via a datamined post. Between these two characters, only Sigewinne was shown in the Archon Quest of Fontaine, giving players an idea of her in-game model.

She has been leaked to be a 5-star character wielding the Hydro element. Not much is known regarding her weapon type.

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Regarding Emilie, it's unclear what her in-game model looks like. She is a renowned perfume designer based in Fontaine, and her release is scheduled to be around Genshin Impact 4.8.

Lyney, Lynette, Wriothesley, and Chevreuse have in-game voice lines that share official information on Emilie. More concrete details will be revealed at a later date.

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