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Emiru reacts after receiving an assault rifle (Image via Emiru/Twitch)

Emiru rendered speechless after a viewer sends her an assault rifle

Twitch streamer Emily "Emiru" hosted a PO Box opening stream on March 26, 2023. At one point during the broadcast, she unwrapped an item and discovered that a viewer had sent her an assault rifle.

After reading the latter's message, the Austin, Texas-based content creator was rendered speechless. Emily burst out laughing while attempting to assemble the gun, stating that it was "cool."


"What do I do?!" - Emiru's reaction after unboxing a viewer-sent assault rifle on livestream

Emiru was two hours into her broadcast on March 26, when she began unwrapping a rectangular package. She was perplexed by what she had received and exclaimed in surprise:

"What the.. what in god's f**king name?"

She then noticed that the viewer had also sent her a message about the item. The One True King (OTK) co-owner read it out loud for her audience:

"Hi, Emiru. I saw your sick 'Vette (Chevrolet Corvette). Because it's so sick and not a s***ty BMW, I'm giving you one of these. You'll have to buy the registered lower receiver yourself. This gun is a bit mid-tier. If you like it, I will want to send upgrades. Let me know if you like it. Try to get yourself a pistol, in addition. We'll get you a short barrel next time."

Emily began inspecting the contents of the package and discovered that the viewer had sent her upper and lower part kits for an assault rifle. She burst out laughing and said:

"What?! I... this is so cool! I don't know how to use it. Is it like..."

Timestamp: 02:12:40

The streamer examined various parts of the gun and attempted to put it together. She then stated that her brother would be freaking out after seeing that she received an assault rifle from a viewer:

"What do I do?! What?! Dude, my brother would be freaking out right now. My brother's probably- base lower parts kit. It's got screws and stuff."

Emiru inquired from her audience if she had gotten an airsoft rifle or a real one:

Wait, so, I'm confused! Is this part, like, an airsoft rifle, or is this is real? What?! Oh, my god! This is... this is sick! Wait, so this is... they basically sent me half the parts to build my own gun. Like, a rifle. What the f**k! Okay, don't be pulling up on the property. You know what I'm saying?"

Fans react to the streamer's clip

Emiru receiving an assault rifle was shared to the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here's what the online community had to say about it:

Fans on Reddit discussing the streamer's clip (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

While Redditor u/cry_havyc claimed that the content creator received genuine AR15 parts, another community member estimated that the upper kit was worth around $500.

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