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Genshin Impact Alhaitham banner revenue, Soft Pity, and global pull stats

Alhaitham's banner has been out for over a week now, so it might be interesting to see how it fares compared to other Genshin Impact Event Wishes. The financial data used in this article comes from Genshin Lab, while the Soft Pity and global pull stats are derived from

The first week's data doesn't always reflect a banner's overall success. Hence, there is always a chance that Alhaitham's Event Wish will perform better or worse than what's shown below once it's all said and done.


Note: The data used here only goes up to the 8th day since his Event Wish was still ongoing at the time this article was written.

Data on Genshin Impact's Alhaitham banner revenue, Pity, and pull stats

A full week has gone by (Image via Genshin Lab)

At the time of writing, Alhaitham's banner is on its 8th day of existence. It has earned $11,336,643, putting it in 19th place overall compared to other Event Wishes in the same time span.


Making over $11 million in a week is pretty good. Keep in mind that the $11,336,643 estimate is how much the banner made at the start of Day 8, meaning that it will grow as time passes. Either way, 19/42 is a solid placement for a new banner.

Some players might be curious to know whether it's Alhaitham or Xiao driving the banner sales. Luckily for them, the following section provides some insight. Do note that this revenue is only indicative of an estimate for the Chinese iOS market. Other regions will include different data.

Genshin Impact 3.4 banner data

This was the data available by Day 8 (Image via

At the time of writing, 102,975 users on have submitted their data for the first phase of Genshin Impact 3.4's banners. Among them, 46,121 Alhaithams have been obtained, as opposed to 9,186 Xiaos. Both Event Wishes had a 51.3% chance of a successful 50:50 to win the featured five-star character.

With that data in mind, it would appear as though Alhaitham was the main driving force for the aforementioned $11 million estimate. That, of course, is assuming that the Chinese iOS market had a similar preference to the global figures.

The orange part of the graph shows the number of 5-stars pulled in these two Event Wishes (Image via

Based on the data, Soft Pity still occurs around the 74th pull. That's to be expected based on past Event Wishes, but some players might have been curious. Most five-star characters are obtained at the 77th pull, with the number decreasing with every subsequent summon.

Hard Pity is still at 90, meaning that Genshin Impact players are guaranteed to get a five-star entity if they're this unlucky by this point. People have gotten a five-star on the 89th pull before, but's data lacks that information for this Event Wish, interestingly enough.

That's everything interesting about Alhaitham's banner data in Genshin Impact 3.4. The revenue will continue to grow alongside the number of five-star characters summoned. Travelers should know that the next phase for Event Wishes begins on February 7, 2023.

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