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He's a fun character, but a new dangerous exploit can kill a player's enjoyment of this game (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact Kaveh hack explained as videos show hackers causing permanent damage to co-op players

Genshin Impact enthusiasts must be on their toes, as a Kaveh hack can cause permanent damage if they are playing co-op with other players. The best way to avoid this issue is to only play with those you absolutely trust and know won't potentially ruin your game forever. For those out of the loop, an exploit allows nefarious gamers to delete important objects such as Statues of the Seven, Elemental Totems, and anything else you can normally interact with in the game.

Numerous videos have been posted on social media sites. Some Facebook and Twitter examples will be posted below for your convenience. This issue primarily affects the Asian playerbase but can spread to other global servers if the related hacks become more widely distributed.


Avoid co-op until Genshin Impact's Kaveh hack is fixed: Video evidence of permanently lost items


This video shows an example of a Wanderer player permanently losing a Luxurious Chest just because the Kaveh hacker deleted it using this exploit. That means the Primogems and other loot inside are gone forever. Sadly, that's not the only example of this bug in action.

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The above clip shows a Kaveh player once again deleting an in-game object. This time, it's an Elemental Totem. That means it is possible for another player to permanently prevent you from completing content in Genshin Impact. Note that this has been described as permanent in the following two reports.

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Neither logging out and back in nor reinstalling Genshin Impact will fix anything that was deleted from your world. This is a massive exploit that can permanently ruin your gameplay experience. Remember, it only happens if you allow somebody to join your co-op world.


That means the best way to avoid this game-breaking bug is not to allow anybody to join your world unless you are certain about their conduct.

Explanation of the hack


The above Reddit post is a lengthy one, but it documents a ton of information currently available about the major Kaveh hack. Highlights include:

  • Various clips as evidence
  • Screenshots showing missing content as a result of the exploit
  • Advice to avoid letting other people join your co-op world

Kaveh is the only character known to abuse this Genshin Impact hack thus far. Due to the limited knowledge available about this exploit, it is currently unknown how this bug is being performed. Some theories exist about his kit interacting with Dendro cores being modified, but no confirmation has been made thus far.

Note: Kaveh doesn't delete in-game assets by himself. This exploit only happens when he is used in conjunction with some third-party tools not available to the general public.

How to avoid this exploit

Many Discord channels are now warning players about this exploit (Image via Discord)

Several Discord channels and social media accounts are warning players about this dangerous exploit. There genuinely isn't much a player can do except avoid co-op mode if they don't want to lose interactive in-game items.

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According to hxg, the damage done by this Genshin Impact exploit is irreversible. The only way to fix it is if miHoYo does something about it. The company has not officially commented on when or how such a bug could be patched out.

Please stay tuned for more Genshin Impact news.

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