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Genshin Impact wins the ‘Best Ongoing’ game award in Google Play’s Best of 2022

Genshin Impact has recently received a new accolade for its already massive list of awards. Google Play has given this popular title the 'Best Ongoing' game award. Gamers curious to know how this game won the award should check out what Google Play posted at the beginning of their Best of 2022 awards article:

"Below is the full list of winning apps and games in the U.S. across 20 categories selected by Google Play's editorial team, plus the best-selling books and audiobooks."

Thus, the 'Best Ongoing' game award came from their editorial team rather than fan votes like in some other categories. It is worth mentioning that this honor is separate from TGA 2022's award with the same name, which Genshin Impact is currently a nominee for.

Stans: This game is the best
#GooglePlayBestOf 2022: But actually

You can view these Best of titles in the US Play Store. To discover local winners in your area, please visit: goo.gle/3FcaDuv

The above video showcases all of the games that won awards from Google Play's Best of 2022. Here are the best overall app and game winners:

  • Best App: Dream
  • Best Game: Apex Legends Mobile

Likewise, here is who won the users' choice section:

  • App: BeReal
  • Game: Apex Legends Mobile

Here is the complete list of all accolades from every category for Best Apps of 2022:

  • Best for Fun: PetStar
  • Best for Personal Growth: Breathwrk
  • Best Everyday Essentials: Plant Parent
  • Best Hidden Gems: Recover Athletics
  • Best Apps for Good: The STIGMA App
  • Best for Wear: Todoist
  • Best for Tablets: Pocket
  • Best for Chromebooks: BandLan

Here is a list of the Best Games of 2022:

  • Best Multiplayer: Dislyte
  • Best Pick Up & Play: Angry Birds Journey
  • Best Indies: Dicey Dungeons
  • Best Story: Papers, Please
  • Best Ongoing: Genshin Impact
  • Best on Play Pass: Very Little Nightmares
  • Best for Tablets: Tower of Fantasy
  • Best for Chromebooks: Roblox

Genshin Impact wins Google Play's 'Best Ongoing' award for games

Genshin ganó el premio a "Best Ongoing" en google play

Es un premio por llevar siempre actualizaciones a los jugadores

#Genshinlmpact #原神

'Best Ongoing' is one of a few new categories introduced in Google Play's Best of 2022 awards. Their editorial team selected Genshin Impact over the following competitors:

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Pokemon Go
  • Roblox

All four of those mobile games are incredibly popular, so it's quite the achievement for Genshin Impact to win over them. None of HoYoverse's social media accounts have made an official comment nearly an hour after winning this honor.

Don't forget that you can vote in TGA too

You have the power to vote for it in TGA 2022 (Image via The Game Awards)

Not every award is decided by just one small group of people. For example, you can choose to vote for the game at The Game Awards 2022 by going to their official website. Just log in and head to the 'Best Ongoing' and 'Best Mobile Game' sections since those are the two categories relevant to this topic.

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