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  • "Getting something is kind of cool" - xQc comments on Kai Cenat getting a custom shoe from Twitch
xQc reacts to the controversy shrouding Kai Cenat and Twitch (Image via Twitter/xQc and Sportskeeda)

"Getting something is kind of cool" - xQc comments on Kai Cenat getting a custom shoe from Twitch

During a livestream on March 26, 2023, Twitch sensation Felix "xQc" commented on a recent controversy involving fellow content creator Kai Cenat receiving a pair of custom Nike Air Force 1 from Twitch.

It all started when the Twitter community criticized Twitch's gesture, claiming that the platform should have offered a contract instead of the sneakers. The French-Canadian icon weighed in, explaining that the contract negotiations and partner outreach are handled by different verticals of the organization.


As the conversation progressed, xQc claimed that Twitch hasn't sent him a personalized gift. He also stated that he didn't mind because he received recognition from his fanbase but did, however, mention that getting a "token" with one's name embossed on it was "kind of cool":

"I don't need, like, anybody's approval. But a token is cool, sometimes, if you get one. If you get a token, has your name on it or something, it's kind of special. But they do that for nobody. So like, just getting something is kind of cool. So I don't know why everybody's complaining, somehow."

"I don't give a f**k" - xQc on receiving custom gifts from Twitch


xQc reacted to Kai Cenat receiving a pair of custom Air Force 1 during the concluding moments of his broadcast. While going through the viral Twitter thread, the former Overwatch pro explained how different Twitch verticals worked:

"Guys, I don't want to be a glazer, okay? Chat, here's the take; the people that handle big things, or whatever, is like, one team. People who do like, partner outreach is another team, right? If they wanted to, like, send something like, 'Yo, Pog (Twitch emote)', while the other team, I'm sure, is like, you know... acknowledge and then factor in everything, for like, the potential re-signing."

Felix continued further and added:

"Well, I just don't know why, it's like, it's just, they could've not done it. Like, would've been better if they just not do it. Like, I don't know what people want!"

Timestamp: 20:25:30

xQc claimed that he did not receive a gift from Twitch and that he did not care, saying:

"Bro, I have never gotten anything from Twitch that was personal. Ever! Not a singular thing. And you know what? I don't give a f**k. Because the acknowledgment that I get from streaming, is from chat. And that's the only one that I need."

The 27-year-old personality went on to say that he did not need approval from the "company overlords":

"Why do I need company overlords', like, approval? Like, little stamp, when they don't interact with me ever! I use their platform. We have a good relationship. And I really just see chat all day. That's the only reason why I make content and I enjoy doing it."

Fans react to xQc's take on the controversy

The YouTube comments section featured plenty of reactions to this, and are some:

Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer's clip (Image via xQc Clips/YouTube)

One community member claimed that xQc had a "multi-million dollar" contract with Twitch, while Kai Cenat did not. Another viewer recalled that the former has also received a pair of sneakers from the Amazon-owned platform.

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