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  • "Got the vibe that I was trying to ego the guild": Asmongold opens up about the conversation with Sodapoppin amid WoW drama
Asmongold briefly opened up about the drama between him and Sodapoppin. (Image via Asmongold/Twitch & Sodapoppin/Twitch)

"Got the vibe that I was trying to ego the guild": Asmongold opens up about the conversation with Sodapoppin amid WoW drama

The WoW drama between Chance “Sodapoppin” and Zack “Asmongold” appears to have perhaps calmed down - at least, according to Zack’s side of the story. In a recent stream on his alternate channel, Zackrawrr, the co-founder of OTK, gave his side of things, and though he admitted he could likely join if wanted, he’s unsure if he wants to take part in the upcoming OnlyFangs WoW Classic Hardcore raid.

This didn’t appear to be due to hurt feelings but spoke more to the number of people who wanted to take part. OnlyFangs is the OTK guild run by Sodapoppin, which also features an assortment of streamers from xQc, Mizkif, and Emiru. It’s not known if Asmongold will raid with them when it’s time, but the streamer did open up about the possibility.

“I think he got the vibe that I was trying to ego the guild and think I had a guaranteed spot.”


Asmongold discusses the drama between him and Sodapoppin


(Clip begins at 24:38)

According to Asmongold, the two talked about the recent drama that unfolded between them. According to Zack, he understood the perspective that Chance took during the recent stream clips, but maybe things got blown out of proportion.

It sounded like, according to the streamer, this all started due to how Sodapoppin's viewers spoke to him about Zack taking part in the WoW Classic Hardcore raid. The way Asmongold states it, it sounded more like the communities were stirring up drama:

“I told him, I see his point of view, right, cause, especially, I think when people were talking to him on stream, I think he kind of got the vibe that I was trying to ego the guild, and think I had a guaranteed spot, and I could get in no matter what, and everything like that.”

It appeared that Zack certainly understood why Sodapoppin took that stance when it came to the OnlyFangs guild and reacting to the upcoming stream. The OTK co-founder would point out he’s been friends with Chance for about seven years at this point:

“I think it just rubbed him the wrong way because it would sound f**kin’ weird if I did that, right? And so yeah, of course he said that. I don’t know if I’m going to join. We talked a little bit about that. Soda and I have been friends for like, f**k, seven years now, something like that.”

However, it’s unclear if Asmongold will raid with Sodapoppin’s guild at this time. The OTK streamer wrapped things up by saying he spoke to Chance about it and gave the various possibilities that could occur:

“So I just talked to him about it, I might not join, I might not raid, I might join, and I might not raid. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Like, apparently, there’s a lot of people that wanna raid. But I told them I’d come, and if they wanna have me, they’ll have me. If not, I won’t, right? That’s it.”

Social media reacts to the WoW drama between OTK members

Some think it's down to Zack's fanbase or Chance's. (Image via Reddit)

Some users on the LiveStreamFails subReddit didn’t understand why people were still angry despite the measured response from Zack in this latest Twitch clip. However, Redditors said to just look at the streamer’s YouTube comments section for the wilder portion of his fanbase.


At least one Redditor joked about how much of an adult response this was to the current drama. Others would point out that it was clear to them that Asmongold just wanted to absorb free views without having to put any work in, whereas few agreed that he tried to ego his way into the upcoming raid. Another response would say that the whole thing is simply overblown.

Unfortunately, it’s not known what the end result of this discussion will be. Sodapoppin has not stated one way or another if Asmongold will join the upcoming raid with the OnlyFangs guild in WoW Classic Hardcore, but we will keep you up to date on this situation as it develops.

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