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  • "HAchuMart ultimately decided to shut down": HAchubby shares sad news of her convenience store closing 
HAchubby reveals that her convenience store is shutting down (Image via HAChuMart and Twitch/HAChubby)

"HAchuMart ultimately decided to shut down": HAchubby shares sad news of her convenience store closing 

Haeun "HAchubby" is one of the biggest Twitch streamers hailing from South Korea. She recently announced that her entrepreneurial venture was shutting down. In January 2021, she fulfilled a dream by launching her convenience store named HAchuMart. Unfortunately, it seems that this cherished project is now reaching its conclusion.

The streamer took to her X account to share the news, expressing gratitude to her fans for their unwavering support. She disclosed that the primary reason for the closure was financial concerns:

"After three years of financial difficulties, HAchuMart ultimately decided to shut down. Thank you for liking HAchuMart content. Opening HAchuMart was the best experience of my life, and it has been overwhelming."
Streamer forced to close down her convenience store (Image via X/hachubbytv)


Is HAchubby moving to the US? Says Mizkif has bought her tickets

HAchubby has had a challenging week in terms of her streaming career. Not only did she reveal the closure of her convenience store HAchuMart, but earlier this month (December), she also faced the bombshell news of Twitch discontinuing its operations in South Korea. The CEO of Twitch has announced the shutdown of the website in South Korea due to financial considerations.


The 34-year-old boasts a substantial following with over 327K followers on her Twitch channel, solidifying her position as one of the most prominent English-speaking native streamers from South Korea. Nevertheless, starting February 27 next year, she will no longer be able to operate her Twitch account.

Matthew "Mizkif," who has collaborated with HAchubby in the past, disclosed his willingness to assist her in relocating to the US. In fact, the streamer revealed that she would be traveling to Austin in the upcoming week after the OTK member purchased her tickets:

"After the announcement of the Twitch Korea shot down, nothing has been decided yet [on] how I will solve this problem. I keep looking for the best way for me, and @REALMizkif wants to help me. He bought me a plane ticket to Austin so I will be there next week. C U soon Austin friends."
Mizkif has bought plane tickets for the streamer (Image via X)

Currently, she has yet to confirm whether she plans to make a long-term move to the US or if she is considering shifting to other platforms like Kick or YouTube.

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