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HasanAbi says he is "filled with rage" after watching MrBeast help 1,000 blind people see

MrBeast's new video about helping a thousand blind people get their eyesight back might be winning hearts on the internet, but Twitch streamer Hasan "HasanAbi" had a different reaction after watching it on stream with Valkyrae.

While his fellow streamer was all praise for MrBeast for helping blind people get eye surgery, HasanAbi pointed out how furious he felt watching it, considering the plight of American citizens who cannot afford such operations.


After a particularly moving scene where Valkyrae could not help but swoon, Hasan explained:

"You watch this video, you go, 'Aw, how cute and how nice.' I watch this video and I am filled with rage."

"Up to a YouTube guy to make content out of poor people": HasanAbi explains why MrBeast's new video about helping blind people frustrated him


The Turkish-American streamer is one of the most popular socio-political commentators on Twitch. A self-proclaimed socialist, HasanAbi is known for his progressive opinions on current issues and mostly covers news and other stories of importance on his stream. He was awarded the top creator for News content accolade at this year's YouTube Shortys.

MrBeast has become a cultural phenomenon with his viral videos, and his most recent one was about curing 1,000 people of blindness by paying for their surgeries. While the video has been praised by fans of the YouTuber, HasanAbi took the opportunity to point out flaws in the United States' healthcare system.

An advocate of progressive policies, including Medicare for All, the streamer gave reasons as to why the video filled him with rage after Valkyrae, who was with him at the time, said:

"What is wrong with you?"

The queen of YouTube seems to have thought that the comments made by HasanAbi were aimed towards MrBeast's actions to help blind people. But she understood his reasoning after he elaborated on his point by giving a scathing indictment of the American healthcare system, where, as he pointed out, many go do without life-altering operations due to exorbitant costs.


Timestamp 4:58:45

"That we shut off access to a 10-minute procedure because we paywalled it and decided that some people just simply can't get it."

He further lamented the fact that a thousand people had to rely on the kindness and charity of a YouTuber like MrBeast to get surgeries that had the potential to make them see again, saying:

"It is so insanely frustrating, that it is like, it's up to one YouTube guy who decided to make content out of like, people who are too poor can't just f**king see. That's insane, anyway sorry. That's just a deeply, deeply frustrating concept."

Social media reacts to the clip

HasanAbi's clip gained quite some traction on the streamer-related subreddit, r/LivestreamFail. The conversation naturally became a debate with the criticism of the United States healthcare policies. Here are some of the comments under the clip:

One man even joked about making MrBeast the president:


On Twitter, the streamer's editor Ostonox gave his own thoughts, inviting more comments on the MrBeast video.

My take after watching the "Mr Beast Restores 1000 People's Eyesight" video is maybe we could get the U.S. government to nationalize healthcare if Joe Biden gets to post poor people's reactions to his youtube channel when they get their burst appendix removed
@ostonox My Mom had this surgery a few months ago, doesn’t need glasses now. It’s amazing. But I had to fight Medicare to cover it! Vision/dental should be covered in medical plans. Not extra.
@ostonox Mr. Beast’s channel just turns into why socialism good

HasanAbi has gradually become a highly popular Just Chatting streamer whose content revolves around political and social commentary on current issues and attracts tens of thousands of regular views to his daily streams. Recently, news of his clips being used in a university class made quite a splash in the community.

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